Graffiti, Chewing Gum and Stain Removal

Tough stain removal

Graffiti Removal Service in London, Surrey and Essex

With over 25 years experience in the pressure cleaning business our team at Feel the pressure uk have been met with some of the most challenging of stains, on occasions we will have to use chemicals to remove some tough stains, if this is the case we will go through the process and products that we use to make sure the customer is 100% happy before we proceed. So have no fear any stain or spillage you might encounter on any hard surface our team have the knowledge and solutions to treat, clean and remove the stain effectively to leave you with a spotless finish like it was never there.

Graffiti Removal Service using pressure cleaning London UK

We now have a new ThermaTech (Doff) Super-heated Steam Cleaner, which is a great addition to our equipment.  It is great for Graffiti Removal, and also for Decking, Brickwork, Stone, Roof Cleaning; where limiting the damage may be a priority.

ThermaTech Cleaner is more effective than industrial steam cleaners or pressure cleaners and causes no damage to the surface
Our New ThermaTech Cleaner!










Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Service in London, Surrey and Essex








Feel the pressure uk provide a graffiti removal service which will not only consist of removing the unwanted sight of the graffiti itself but also by using non-hazardous chemicals and special skid mount water make sure it does not affect the condition of the surface when finished. We can remove graffiti from all surfaces hard, sort and material alike. No matter how long its been there we have solutions to remove permanently without a trace. If you have graffiti on any of your property feel free to contact us free of charge and we will be happy to go over all options available and always for the best price available.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal - Before and After
Chewing Gum Removal – Before and After







If you’ve ever come across hard chewing gum you’ll know that chewing gum is one of the hardest stains to remove, and this is becoming a big problem for local councils and property owners alike. Our team will remove the unwanted sight of chewing gum from virtually any hard surface resulting in a spotless clean finish. We will remove it from flooring, pavements, concrete, paving, brickwork, wood and much more.
Oil Spills
We can clean all types of oil spills that you may encounter. We use specialist equipment and chemicals that are environmentally safe meaning that the chemicals used can be neutralized using water and also are environmentally friendly helping keep you free from hazardous and toxic effects from the oil spill.

Pressure Washing Services - Graffiti, Chewing-Gum and Stain Removal
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Pressure Washing Services - Graffiti, Chewing-Gum and Stain Removal
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