Super Heated Steam Cleaner (Doff and Thermatech)

Our new Therma-Tech (Doff) Cleaning Machine

ThermaTech and/ or a DOFF Cleaner is more effective than industrial steam cleaners or pressure cleaners and causes no damage to the surface
Our ThermaTech Cleaner!

Our new Therma-Tech cleaner is a specialist piece of cleaning equipment producing super-heated water at temperatures up to 150ᵒC, ideal for masonry cleaning, coatings removal, residential brick cleaning and paint removal.

It is even more effective than our current pressure cleaners and causes even less disturbance to the surface which is why the “Doff” cleaner we use is favourite on heritage and other listed buildings.

Our super-heated steam cleaner has been used on essential landmarks such as The Royal Artillery Memorial, The Centopath and The Banqueting House in Whitehall and Apsley House to name a few, when we witnessed how effective cleaning system the Thermatech was we had to get one.

We can have two people operating superheated cleaning system simultaneously which is great if you are working to a deadline!

Without the use of any chemicals, the ThermaTech or Doff cleaner can be used for the  removal and meting of:

Flexible Paints, Surface Treatments, Gum, Wax, Oil / Bitumen and more

“Therma-Tech was a perfect machine for the job; we removed the old limewash without damaging the existing historic render and masonry.”


Our New Thermatech Cleaner is an excellent Improvement to the following of our existing Services:


Our new Therma-Tech cleaner was developed primarily with heritage/listed buildings in mind. Our new superheated steam cleaner has just been used on some great jobs including a beautiful house on The Bishops Ave is shown in the photo.

Stone Cleaning with Thermatech Super heated water steam cleaner

Look at the difference


Our Doff Cleaner comes into its own when cleaning stone and masonry!  Cleaning a listed building or a stone cathedral requires specialist equipment.  We use this tried and tested cleaner, which is both used and approved by stonemasons.

Stone Cleaning with Doff/Super heated water steam cleaner
Before and After











Brickwork is a part of the British architectural landscape, however, caring for bricks can be costly.  We offer brickwork cleaning services, and with our new ThermaTech Cleaner, we are even better equipped to specialise in old brickwork.



substrate matching is useful part of building maintenance, cleaning and restoration






Feel The Pressure UK are great at matching substrates with the best removal methods. With a specialist substrate knowledge base, we match the right method of removal for your surface.










We have extensive knowledge of different coatings and the best methods for removal. Whether it be lead-based paint, graffiti, rust or the damage caused by mold or damp; we can advise on the safest, effective methods for the removal.


Doff / ThermaTech Super Heated Water Pressure Cleaning
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Our super-heated steam cleaner, developed primarily with listed buildings in mind. Has just been used on some great jobs including a beautiful house on Compton Avenue / Bishops Ave is shown in this photo.