Block paving patio cleaning and blackspot removal service Hampstead, London NW3


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Block paving patio cleaning and blackspot removal service Hampstead London NW3

block paving pressure cleaning service before and after

In this blog we are going to explain how to professionally clean a block paving patio and remove patio black spots using a high pressure jet washer and a small amount of bleach leaving a spotless surface while also killing of all biological spores that the black spots steam from, preventing further infestations.
The property in Hampstead London NW3 Was in a very rural setting the patio surrounded by plants and trees was a haven for the growth of patio black spots and other organic matter.

Patio black spots

Patio black spots (Lichen) are a form of fungus start life as tiny dust like spores totally invisible to the naked eye arrive on patio surfaces from the underside of leaves and other types of local vegetation that’s why the more plants and trees you have surrounding the patio the greater chance of a blackspot infestation and a much heavier build up and once there they begin to grow rapidly and without the use of necessary cleaning equipment and techniques these black, oil like spots can be a nightmare to remove for any home owner and even some professionals.

Our team at Feel the press UK can professionally remove patio black spots effortlessly from all types of patio surfaces including natural and artificial stone, concrete and block paving, depending on which surface will determine what process will need to be taken to insure the most thorough and safest patio cleaning service is provided. For soft natural stone patios we always clean using one of our Doff or Therma-Tech steam cleaners, both able to reach temperatures of up to 150C are able to remove patio black spots while also killing off all spores in the heated cleaning process without the use of chemical or high pressure, eliminating any risk of damage to the soft stonework or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing. For block paving we use a different cleaning method that consist of high-pressure jet washing followed by cleaning the paving with a bleach wash, If you’re thinking why let us explain. Block paving is a much harder surface which can endure a substantial amount of high-pressure, it also has a lot of gaps in between the brickwork where weeds and other impurities grow heavily, also filled with mud and what ever else has found its way down the only way to remove all thoroughly is to supply a heavy blast consisting of high-pressure jet washing using a heavy water flow which is why our cold pressure washing systems are much favoured when cleaning block paving patios, but as we no pressure washing alone does not remove patio black spots it may remove some all appear to remove some but the truth of it is, without killing off all spores on the patios surface the black spots will still grow as fast as ever.

After performing the block paving patio cleaning service once all surface dirt, weeds and other impurities are removed we scrub the floor using a mix of water and sodium hypochlorite (liquid Chlorine bleach), leaving down to soak for around 20 to 30 minutes the bleach attacks the patio black spots lifting them from the surface of the stone and killing off all spores in the process then all that is left to do is rinse down the patio making sure none of the solution is left on the stonework and there you have it spotless block paving patio cleaned with a conventional high pressure jet washing system and a small amount of bleach.


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Block paving patio cleaning and blackspot removal service
Article Name
Block paving patio cleaning and blackspot removal service
how to clean a block paving patio using a high pressure jet washer and removed the remaining patio black spots (Lichen) using a small amount of bleach leaving a spotless finish.

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