Chemical assisted brick cleaning Highgate London N6

When it comes to brick cleaning services Feel the press UK have many techniques to get your property looking just how you want it, weather that be cleaning your bricks to look as good as new or just a light clean keeping some of the character to the brickwork we have solutions for all. With the help of our Therma-tech super heated cleaning system we are able to produce a super heated vapour at Temperatures of up to 150C and able to remove many types of Impurities from all types of brickwork including Paint Coatings, Graffiti, Bird or Vermin Fouling, Algae, Moss, Fungi and Other Biological Matter without the use of chemical or high-pressure providing you with the most gentle but yet thorough brick cleaning service, assuring you that no damage is caused to the surface of the brick or other delicate areas like the brickworks pointing.

ThermaTech Cleaner is more effective than industrial steam cleaners or pressure cleaners and causes no damage to the surface

For this job in particular we needed to apply some of our specially Formulated brick cleaning solution to help remove the heavy build up of carbon sulphation from the historic brickwork. Carbon sulphation in brickwork is caused by a chemical reaction triggered by air pollution which Crystallises and turns the bricks black In colour. Carbon sulphation can not be removed as simply as other Impurities as it grows in the brick and has to be corroded from the surface.

The carbon removal method

we first jet the walls with cold water to saturated the brick so when applying the cleaning solution it only sits on the surface as it’s only the surface we want to clean, if the bricks are not saturated with water first when applying the cleaning solution the dry brick will absorb the solution and it won’t sit on the surface. So after Saturating the brickwork with water the cleaning solution is applied to the surface with a stiff brush and left on for around 30 Minutes giving it time to attack and corrode the carbon sulphation, then all there is left to do rinse down. No high pressure is needed in the rinsing process as the cleaning has already been done by the solution applied to the brickwork, you Literally rinse off the solution and the corroded carbon is removed leaving a fresh new layer of brickwork under. We like to rinse down using our Therma-tech heated steam cleaner as we can reduce the pressure to around 50 bar (extremely low) and with the added steam a much more thorough rinse is provided.

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