Chemical brick cleaning in Barnes, London SW13

Our team at Feel the pressure UK have been providing the very best in professional brick cleaning and brick restoration services for over 15 years and have gained extensive knowledge in how to clean brickwork in order to restore it back to its original colour. Providing specialised cleaning techniques including Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning alongside chemical brick cleaning our professional cleaning experts can remove all types of every day dirt and grime, paint, organic matter and pollution build up, restoring the brickwork back to the owners desired state.

In this blog we are going to explain to you how our team professionally cleaned a small brick wall at a residential property in Barnes, South-West, London, restoring full colour back to the brickwork by removing a build up of carbon and organic matter.

When our team at Feel the pressure UK provide a professional brick cleaning service we normally use 1 of 2 specialized brick cleaning techniques all depending on what we are planning to remove from the brickwork and what type of finish we planning to achieve, the main two brick cleaning services that we provide are Therma-Tech/Doff steam cleaning and chemical brick cleaning, let us explain the difference in the two and why we use them.

Therma-Tech and Doff brick cleaning

Our Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning systems play an essential roll when it comes to any type of professional brick cleaning service, even when our team provide chemical brick cleaning we still use a Therma-Tech or Doff cleaning system in the cleaning process due to their gentle cleaning techniques. When providing professional brick cleaning on any type of surface new build or historic you need to be as gentle as possible to make sure no damage is inflicted to the brickwork or the brickworks pointing, high pressure jet washing is certainly not recommend as it will most likely cause damage to the surface this where the Therma-Tech and Doff systems come into play.

The Therma-Tech and Doff cleaning systems are professional steam based stone and masonry cleaners that can achieve superheated temperatures of up to 150C, relying on heat rather then high-pressure for professional cleaning. The superheated vapour that is produced by the systems not only cleans but cleans to the absolute very highest of standards without the need of any high pressure or chemicals being applied to the surface,

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