Cleaning and Restoring a Garden Bench made from Teak taken From The RMS Arlanza

One of the more interesting jobs this week was to restore a beautiful teak bench, in Virginia Water, Surrey; which was made from teak taken from the RMS Arlanza back in 1938.  When you consider the Arlanza was built in 1911 depending on which way you look at it this bench in many ways is over a 100 years old.


A test patch showing the immediate results of our Therma-Tech

Tesst patch showing the immediate results of our Therma-Tech













Using a pressure cleaner to clean teak is a very common practice, however, this should not be done.  Teak is a great wood for outdoors as it contains oils which protect itself from rotting so using a pressure cleaner will more likely do more harm than good, even if it looks good in the short term.  Teak is a tropical hardwood and requires very little maintenance.


the rms arlanza, teak was taken from this to make the beautiful teak garden bench which we restored

RMS Arlanza









When using a pressure cleaner can cause a lot of damage using one on something as valuable as this is out of the question.  We used our Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaner which was able to clean the bench to an amazing standard, it was great to see such an improvement and to see this bench restored to its former glory.

teak bench cleaned with doff / thermatech super-heated steam cleaner

After Cleaning

showing the immediate results of our Therma-Tech









You can really see the quality of this bench and I found it interesting how timber from the past is so much better than what we have today, even though it is a hundred years older the quality of the wood was noticeable.

We were able to clean the bench without damaging it and we will be applying teak oil as our customers requested in a weeks time.  We will update this post next week.

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