Cleaning multi stock brickwork at a luxury residential Lodge

Feel The Pressure UK provides the very best in all types of professional exterior jet washing and offers a wide range of professional exterior jet cleaning services including professional roof cleaning, patio cleaning, stone cleaning, render cleaning and brick cleaning in London, Surrey and the south-east, with the very best of professional jet washing equipment on board our professional jet washing vans including van mounted high-pressure jet washing systems for hard surface driveway cleaning and state of the art Doff steam cleaners for delicate brick, stone and roof cleaning our team are always fully prepared to take on any type of exterior jet washing service professionally and effectively, delivering exterior jet cleaning at the very highest of standards with spotlessly finished surfaces and customer satisfaction always guaranteed. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in all types of professional exterior jet washing near you.




Cleaning brickwork at a luxury residential lodge in Hertfordshire in March 2020

In March 2020 our team at Feel The Pressure UK Provided a professional brick cleaning service for the owner of a private residential lodge in Hertfordshire cleaning brickwork of types over multiple areas in and around the premises. When most people think of the word brick cleaning the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning a brickwall, when Feel the pressure UK hear the word brick cleaning we know from being experienced brick cleaners this could mean anything as we have provided many professional brick cleaning services for all types of structures and this is what makes our job so exciting as a professional exterior cleaning service you never know what is around the corner or what you will be cleaning next. The residential lodge had many different types of brickwork around the premises and yes there was plenty of brickwalls to clean of all sizes but the key feature on the premises that I enjoyed cleaning personally myself was the stunning brickwork staircase leading to the front of the house from the driveway shown in our pictures below.

The multi stock bricks that made up the staircase and most of the other brickwork around the property were all cleaned without high-pressure or chemical being applied to the surface the way we are able to achieve this is by using our Doff steam cleaners that provide delicate eco-friendly steam cleaning at 150C. The Doff steam cleaning systems are professional pieces of exterior cleaning equipment and ideal for cleaning brickwork and removing algae from brickwork due to the delicate cleaning technique and superheated steam that is produced by the Cleaning system, brickwork needs to be cleaned as gentle as possible to Insure no damage is caused to the surface or surrounding pointing during the brick cleaning process, high-pressure jet washing is a service that is definitely not recommended by our team at Feel the pressure UK for cleaning bricks of any type in any condition as damaged is most definitely likely to be inflicted. Doff steam cleaning uses a combination of low pressure and high temperature to clean bricks without causing damaging to the brick or soroundong pointing, algae on bricks and all other types of organic mater is easily killed when exposed to temperatures of 120C and above so exposed to the 150C steam that is produced by the Doff steam cleaner it is killed instantly and the low pressure used is able the gently remove it from the surface, all biological spores are also killed during the Doff brick cleaning process leaving the brickwork completely sterilised meaning any organic matter will have to start life all over again keeping the bricks looking for longer. Doff the brick cleaning is the best way to clean bricks and the best way to remove algae from bricks and all other types of organic matter professionally and thoroughly. Feel the pressure UK providing the very best in all types of professional brick cleaning near you.
If you’re looking for a professional brick cleaning company in your area or would like a free quotation for brick cleaning services or any other professional exterior cleaning service we offer including stone cleaning, roof cleaning, patio cleaning or render cleaning, contact our team today and we will have one of our experience professionals visit to your property to provide a 100% free quotation we also provide free sample cleaning on the day to demonstrate the quality of our work the great result, chief. Feel pressure okay rather very best and exterior cleaning services me

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