Concrete removal from block paving driveway – Surbiton Surrey KT1

concrete on driveway before pressure cleaning

We where called by a restoration company in regards to cleaning and removing of some patches of concrete that had been left on a block paving driveway in surbiton London KT6 ,after an extension was built on the property some weeks previous. We explained  to them that it was something we could assist to but the driveway would also need a full pressure clean at the same time as pressure cleaning the concrete alone will leave a clean surface underneath and will be very visible to the rest of the dirty driveway. 
Agreed and booked, we carried out the driveway cleaning service as normal using one of our Honda diesel pressure washing systems to remove all surface dirt and  impurities from the block paving and restoring all original colour back to the brick. 
 All that was left to do was to remove the concrete left on the the surface ; the process was quite simple using the same pressure washing system we simply turned the pressure gauge up to full and ligthely blasted the concrete of the surface pinpointing every last little spec.
Block paving is a really hard surface and can endure heavy amounts of pressure without causing any damage to the surface, unlike certain types of stone that can tend to be a lot softer and will require the use of a different cleaning method most likely chemically assisted. After all concrete was removed from the surface we give it a final rinse down and left the driveway like it was just laid.

If you have any questions regarding our driveway cleaning services or removing  concrete or any other stain from any hard surface please contact us at any time as we are always happy to assist and have solutions for all.

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