Doff brick cleaning vs chemical assisted brick cleaning

A professional brick cleaning service is by far one the best ways to give your property’s exterior facade a professional facelift, choosing the correct cleaning method depending on the type of brick, condition and what you are trying to remove is vital, not only to get the results you are after from the brick cleaning service but also and mainly to protect the brickwork from damage that can and will most-likely take place if the wrong brick cleaning methods are used. Professional brick cleaning is a skilled service and is highly recommend to be carried out by experienced professionals to avoid damage being inflicted to the brickwork during the brick cleaning process, harsh brick cleaning techniques including high-Pressure jet washing and abrasive brick cleaning are not generally recommended by our team for cleaning brickwork because if the pressure level is to high a number of damaging problems can easily take place.. the brickworks pointing can easily be blown out, the face of the brick can be scared or removed completely and hole pieces of brick can crumble, corrode and completely fall apart, not only will this make the appearance of your brickwork look unsightly but these problems can also lead to other issues including penetrating damp and leaks. Our team at Feel The Pressure UK is highly experienced and skilled in all types of professional brick cleaning services and knows many ways how to clean bricks using a variety of many different delicate brick cleaning methods in order to remove surface staining, organic matter and carbon deposits to meet the desired finish that the client is looking for. Therma-Tech/Doff brick cleaning and chemical assisted brick cleaning are the two main brick cleaning methods used by our team at Feel the pressure UK when providing professional brick cleaning services but what is the difference between the two and why do we use two different brick cleaning techniques for cleaning bricks? In this blog we are going to explain all you need to know about Doff brick cleaning and chemical assisted brick cleaning and why we use the two different brick cleaning methods for removing different elements.

Doff brick cleaning/steam cleaning bricks

Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning services

Therma-Tech/Doff brick cleaning is the most common exterior brick cleaning method performed by our professional exterior cleaning experts here at Feel the pressure UK and also many other professional exterior brick cleaning companies and are both highly recognised names in the exterior cleaning business all over the world. The Therma-Tech/Doff Superheated steam cleaning systems are professional pieces of exterior cleaning equipment that uses a combination of high temperature and low pressure to delicately remove paint from brickwork and all types of organic matter including Algae, Moss and Fungi from all types of exterior substrates including brick, stone and roof tiles. The Therma-Tech/Doff steam cleaning systems are two out of only a handful of exterior steam cleaners that can achieve temperatures of up to 150c and this is what gives the Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning systems the great advantage over other steam cleaners to effortlessly remove paint and remove organic matter from brickwork and other exterior surfaces without having to use chemicals in the removal process or as an aftercare treatment for preventing further regrowths, the Therma/Tech and Doff cleaning systems also operate on an extremely low water flow so there is no saturation caused to surfaces during the exterior steam cleaning process and cleaned surfaces are dry within minutes with results instantly visual.

Natural organic matter on brickwork including Algae, Moss and Fungi is a common sight all over the country due to the natural course of nature, porous brickwork holds moisture and dampness which leads to the growth of natural organic matter, you’re often see a buildup of algae on brickwork or certain sections of brickwork that has more exposure to water/rain, heritage brickwork is prone to heavy buildups of organic matter usually because of damage/wear to the bricks that has been caused over the years making water easier to penetrate, when providing herring brick cleaning/historic brick cleaning or conservation brick cleaning only a handful of machines are authorised to do so due to conservation laws to ensure no damage is inflicted to our historic structures and Doff steam cleaning is first on the list and fully approved by conservation cleaning specialist due to its delicate exterior cleaning techniques.

Delicately removing Algae from new brickwork using the Doff system

Doff steam cleaning brickwork

 All types of organic matter including algae moss and fungi are killed when exposed to heat greater than 120c with the Doff steam cleaning system producing a superheated vapour achieving temperatures of up to 150c all you have to do is pass over the surface with the Doff and all organic mater is killed, softened and effortlessly removed, all biological spores are also killed during the cleaning process leaving surface is 100% sterile and no need for chemical treatments.

Doff cleaning/Removing Algae from fragile heritage brickwork

Doff steam cleaning / Doff brick cleaning removing algae and organic matter from historic brickwork

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