Doff steam cleaning award-winning residential properties in Coombe, London


Feel pressure UK Have been providing the very best in all types of exterior cleaning services for home, property and business owners all over the south-east of England for over the last decade offering and providing a wide range of specialised cleaning services including professional stone cleaning, roof cleaning, patio cleaning plus brick cleaning and restoration services, with many different cleaning methods that include Doff steam cleaning, professional pressure washing, chemical cleaning and soft washing our team are always busy providing the very best in residential property cleaning, commercial property cleaning plus historic and heritage cleaning services. With a fully booked schedule all year round, our team have had the great privilege in restoring and cleaning buildings some truly wonderful buildings making the services we love providing that bit more special.

When first called out to provide a free quotation for Doff steam cleaning services at two neighbouring residential properties in Coombe, London, our team of experienced exterior cleaning specialist were quite excited about what to expect, with Coombe being quite the prestigious area that we only know to well after having provided many professional exterior cleaning services in Coombe over the years and Luxury property cleaning services and large residential property cleaning in and around the area.

When we arrived at the private road set deep in the middle of the Coombe estate where the two properties we came to provide the Doff steam cleaning quotations for where located we knew straight away that they was going be of some size due to the surrounding homes and also having provided many of our professional exterior cleaning services for residents here over the past years, but what made these two stunning residential properties so different and stand out from all the rest was the modern style, layout and architectural design.

Red and green Algae build up on the Portland stone structure before cleaning service

Looking like something out of the future these architectural masterpieces where absolutely stunning and one of our favourite
Doff steam cleaning jobs of 2019 but not down to the size of the properties or the state as our team have provided Doff steam cleaning for much larger structures and in far much worse states in terms of the algae removal service that had to be carried out and amount of organic mater that needed to be steam cleaned and taken of the surface but what was so special about this exterior stone cleaning service was the pure beauty of the buildings, for myself an experienced exterior cleaning expert with many years experience in providing exterior facade cleaning/stone cleaning and professional Doff steam cleaning this job was a pleasure to be part of to say the least.

The two magnificent buildings dubbed the twins Wh identical in terms of design

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