Doff steam cleaning Historical brickwork in Hampstead London

Doff steam cleaning / Doff brick cleaning removing algae and organic matter from historic brickwork

Feel the pressure UK have been providing the very best in professional brick cleaning services for the past 15 years and have gained extensive knowledge in how to clean brickwork surfaces back to the customers desired state, With multiple Different varieties of bricks of all different ages and conditions you must be sure that the correct brick cleaning method is put into place to accomplish the best possible results without inflicting any damage to the brickwork itself. The two main brick cleaning methods that our team at Feel the pressure UK use when providing professional brick cleaning services are, Doff superheated steam cleaning and chemical assisted brick cleaningChemical brick cleaning is only used  by our team When Necessary for removing carbon sulphation from brickwork which has built of over the years due to air pollution and other natural elements, Doff Cleaning in the other hand is chemical-free and a eco-friendly brick cleaning solution that delivers professional brick cleaning at the very highest of standards recognised by professional brick cleaning companies all over the world. The Doff steam cleaning System takes cold water and heats it to the operators desired temperature of anything of up to 150C the superheated steam is then used to effortlessly clean many types of exterior surfaces including brickwork with a very minimal amount of pressure and an extremely low water flow that minimises and near on eliminates any risk of damage being caused to the brickwork no matter how old or brittle, the Doff steam cleaning system at 120C and above kills all biological spores on the surface including algae, fungi and lichen just to name a few meaning on chemicals are ever needed in the brick cleaning process or as an after treatment or protection, Doff superheated steam cleaning offers professional brick cleaning at the highest of standards and is highly recommended and used for cleaning buildings under conservation as shown in our pics below.

This wall we Doff cleaned in Hampstead London was over 130 years old the brickwork covered in algae and moss and listed under conservation, surrounding a large Victorian period property a true piece of English Heritage. When cleaning any type of building under conservation you must make sure to carry out all of the cleanings using the correct cleaning methods, rules and regulations must be met at all times, all of our team members at Feel the pressure UK have been specially trained, have extensive knowledge and many years of bonified experience cleaning heritage brickwork, heritage brick cleaning needs to be done professionally and by professionals you are not just able to pick up conventional pressure washing equipment and attack the surface how you feel necessary as damage can easily be inflicted this could easily result in you receiving a criminal conviction with a hefty fine to pay on top of that, Doff cleaning is a method that is Highly recognised, excepted and used for cleaning heritage brickwork under conservation all over the country. We cleaned the delicate brickwork using our Doff cleaning system on the lowest pressure setting of 50 bar and the maximum heat at 150C gently removing the moss and algae from the surface while killing all biological spores during the process making sure no damage is inflicted to the brickwork letting the heat do all the work rather than the pressure, restoring the heritage brickwork safely and effectively. The heritage brick cleaning was completed over a two day period and as you can see in our stunning before and after pictures the results where amazing, 110 Square metres of heritage Victorian brick cleaning carried out to perfection by our team at Feel the pressure UK using the Doff superheated steam cleaning system.

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