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Our team at feel the pressure UK know everything there is to know about patio cleaning and restoring patios back to their original state whether the surface be made from natural or artificial stone, concrete or block paving our team can remove the most stubborn of stains and impurities including oil, paint and all types of Organic matters such as algae, fungi and patio blackspots guaranteeing spotless finishes for all types of patio surface.

In this blog we are going to explain the process how we removed an 8 year build up of patio blackspots from a large Indian sandstone patio in Chiswick, London W4 in less then 6 hours. 
We was first contacted by the owner of the property after he had found our webpage on patio blackspot removal services, explaining to us he had a badly infested sandstone patio in need of a restoration, we arranged a visit to the property to have a look at the stonework firsthand and talk the owner though all possible and recommended cleaning techniques. On arrival we could see straight away that the black spots were covering around 80% of the patios surface one of the worst infestations we had seen in 2018, the gentleman began to explain to us how he cleans the patio himself on a yearly basis by Pressure washing the stonework but year after year the black spots had become more visual.

patio black spots

Our Super-heated Steam Cleaner Removes Black Spot Fungi Perfectly!

We explained how the black spots on the patio are not just stains that can simply be removed by pressure washing alone but the black spots are actually a form of living fungus called (Lichen), starting life as tiny dust like spores and invisible to the naked eye theses spores are transported from leaves and other local vegetation in their millions onto patios where they begin a rapid infestation, even when preforming a pressure washing service as this home owner was doing himself every year you will only be cleaning the stones surface around the black spots, even though they may seem to fade and some might appear to be removed, the truth is without killing ofF all spores 100% they will still continue to grow day after day without stoping!

The black spot removal process

Lichen (patio black spot) Algae, Moss and fungi are all types of natural Bacterial growth’s known as organic matter and the only way to remove these growths 100% from your stonework is to kill the spores which they stem from by either, chemical assisted cleaning or in this case Doff superheated steam cleaning, let it be noted pressure washing alone will not kill spores and they will continue to grow rapidly without stoping. Organic matter can be killed when exposed to temperatures Exceeding 120C Our Therma-Tech and Doff cleaning systems produce a superheated vapour that can manually be set to temperatures of up to 150C therefor able to remove and kill off all spores effortlessly without the use of high-pressure or chemical Guaranteeing 100% spotless finishes for every type of patio surface available.
It took us 6 hours to fully clean and complete our Indian sandstone patio blackspot removal service But as you can see in the pictures the results were fantastic and not only did the patio look amazing but all spores where killed and removed in the cleaning process without the use of chemical providing the safest and most thorough cleaning experience available. Patio steam cleaning the most thorough cleaning experience available.


Our Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning systems are not only great for and patio black spot removal services but all other types of professional patio steam cleaning especially when cleaning soft natural stone patios where high pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing also are No1 choice for roof cleaning services, brick cleaning and professional stone cleaning.
The Doff & Therma-Tech systems gentle but thorough, steam cleaning at its best.

If you have any questions regarding any of our services please contact us anytime as our team are always happy bro help with your quires.

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