Draining and cleaning an unused residential swimming pool in Cobham, Surrey

Draining and cleaning an unused residential swimming pool in Cobham, Surrey

We at Feel the pressure UK are a well-established professional exterior jet washing company offering the very best in professional pressure washing alongside Doff superheated steam cleaning services. Our team of professional exterior cleaning experts provide the very best in roof, brick, stone and patio cleaning services on a daily basis and are often hired to clean and restore all types swimming pool patio areas, and surfaces surrounding swimming pools on residential properties all over the south-east.

Cleaning the pools patio

In September 2019 our team provided a professional patio cleaning service surrounding a large disused swimming pool at a residential property in Cobham, Surrey. The patio slabs surrounding the pool where completely black and covered in all types of organic mater including algae and lichen and had clearly not been cleaned or maintained in some years. We professionally steam cleaned the natural stone patio slabs using our Therma-Tech superheated cleaning system delicately removing the surface dirt and organic mater fully restoring the patio slabs back to their natural colour. The Therma-Tech superheated cleaning system is the perfect piece of exterior cleaning equipment for removing organic mater from natural stone, using a combination of low pressure and superheated steam the Therma-Tech system is designed to kill biological/organic growths without having to apply high-pressure or harsh chemicals to the cleaned surface as both can cause unwanted damage. bacteria is killed when exposed to temperatures of 120° and above, the Therma-Tech cleaner can bet set to a temperate of 150c killing everything it passes leaving surfaces 100% sterilised and super clean. As you can see in our pictures below we delivered a spotless finish with a full body colour restoration.

Full pool cleaning and restoration

In March 2020 our team was called back to the same property in Cobham, Surrey but this time to provide a professional pool cleaning service deep inside the pool itself. The owners of the property wanted the pool fully drained and the walls and floor professionally cleaned and restored so they could start to reuse the pool they once loved. The inside of the pool was thick black and full with stagnant water, algae and fungi with all types of parasites living inside of it and resembled nothing less than a wild pond, it was definitely not the average swimming pool cleaning service that we was used to providing but definitely a service that we couldn’t wait to get stuck into as our attitude on exterior cleaning services at Feel the pressure UK is the dirtier the better and as a professional exterior cleaning expert their is nothing more satisfying for me then the customer satisfaction that is delivered when restoring a customers much love space.

Step-one draining the pool

The first step of the pool cleaning service was removing the dirty stagnant water from the inside of the pool, this is done by professionally pumping it out using a large electric water pump. The pump is placed into the centre of the pool and set to the suited flow rate, the last thing you want to do is pump the water out to fast with nowhere for it to runway as this can cause an overflow and the last thing you want is 50,000 odd litres of water flooding and saturating your surrounding areas this can cause major problems. The electric water pumps we use for pumping water out of swimming pools flows at around 50/80 Litres per minute, at this flow rate we can easily transfer the water strait down a mains drain without causing any problems, the pump itself has a filter system built on to spot anything other then water getting though, it took our team around 10 hours to get the water drained down to around a foot deep just enough for us to be able to jump in an remove the thick sludge of algae and fungi that was left at the bottom, once the majority has been removed we can begin the cleaning of the interior walls while still pumping out the water during the process.

Cleaning the interior surface

The swiming pools interior surface was made from a thick waterproof rubber and printed with a design to resemble blue mosaic tiles, once the water was drained from the pool the blue exterior surface was left predominantly green and seriously stained from the algae and fungi that had been previously breeding inside. We started the first phase of the cleaning process by professionally steam cleaning the rubber surface using Therma-Tech cleaning system the same cleaning technique we previously used when professionally cleaning the surrounding patio surface some months before. The Therma-Tech cleaner makes light work of cutting though the organic matter and organic staining while also killing all biological spores during the steam cleaning process. Just to note, when taking on a job like this with so many types of harmful bacteria’s and germs on the surface you have to make sure the cleaning you are carrying out is 100% effective and all cleaned surfaces are left 100% sterilised, cold water jet washing will not achieve these results, steam cleaning is the answer for thoroughly killing all bacteria’s and organic spores but if steam cleaning is not available some jet washing companies use other methods like chemical assisted cleaning and for a job like this with the amount of harmful bacterias that once lived on the surface and in the stagnant water our team decided to use both. After we finished professionally steam cleaning the surface we washed it down with a solution of cold water and sodium hypochlorite/liquid chlorine before giving it a final thorough rinse down and removing the last traces of freshwater from the bottom of the pool.

Draining and cleaning a dirty swimming pool in Cobham Surrey. How to drain and clean your pool
Draining and cleaning an unused residential swimming pool in Cobham, Surrey

It took our team two days to professionally restore the swimming pool that once resembled a pond back to its former glory, draining the black stagnant water, bagging up and removing copious amounts of matted fungi and finely steam cleaning alongside a chlorine treatment for that little extra bit of thoroughness, now the pool is 100% sterilised and ready to refill with fresh water just in time for the spring. Feel the pressure UK providing the very best in professional jet washing services near you.

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