exterior cleaning services in Cobham​ and the Fairmile

exterior cleaning services in Cobham​ and the Fairmile

Jet washing in Cobham

Feel the pressure UK is a well-established professional exterior cleaning service specialising in all types of professional pressure washing along side Therma-Tech and Doff superheated steam cleaning services. Focusing our work mainly on cleaning luxury residential properties, Feel pressure UK has built up a well known reputation for providing professional exterior cleaning services in Cobham and Fairmile area. With the very best of professional exterior cleaning equipment at our fingertips which includes the state of the art Therma-Tech and Doff echo friendly exterior steam cleaning systems and van mounted high pressure jet washing units, our team of highly skilled and experienced exterior cleaning experts can guarantee all surfaces to be cleaned to the very highest of professional standards with spotless finishes and customer satisfaction always delivered. Feel the pressure Uk, the Fairmile and Cobham’s leading exterior cleaning service.

Therma-Tech and Doff exterior steam cleaning in Cobham and the Fairmile

The Therma-Tech and Doff Eco-friendly steam cleaning systems are professional pieces of exterior cleaning equipment that caters for over 90% of all of our professional cleaning services in Cobham and Fairmile. The steam-based masonry cleaning systems are manually controlled by the operator and can have the temperature and pressure levels manually adjusted to meet the needs for cleaning individual surface types. The Therma-Tech and Doff cleaning systems takes cold water and turns it into a superheated vapour that can reach Maximum temperatures of up to 150c, with this heat we are able to delicately clean exterior surfaces to the very highest of standards without the use of high-pressure having to be applied to the surface. The Doff and Therma-Tech cleaning systems when set at a temperature of 120c and above removes and kills all types of organic mater and biological spores on the surface meaning no chemicals are needed in the cleaning process or as an aftercare and surfaces will remain cleaner for longer. Operating on an extremely low water flow there is no saturation caused when cleaning and cleaned surfaces are dry within minutes. The Therma-Tech and Doff cleaning system are used by our team for all services including roof cleaning, stone cleaning, brick cleaning, render cleaning and natural stone patio cleaning, minimising any risk of damage being caused to surface but guaranteeing the most thorough cleaning experience possible.


High-pressure jet washing in Cobham and the Fairmile 

High-pressure jet washing is only ever used by our team when cleaning the harder of exterior surfaces including block paving driveways and concrete cleaning, are bespoke, tailor-made van mounted pressure washing system maintains a heavy water flow that can be adjusted from 25 L per minute right up to 48 L per minute, with water flows at this rate we are able to effortlessly clean large hard surface areas Immaculately with a spotless finish always guaranteed in the shortest possible time, minimising the cost of the cleaning service for our customers. Our van mounted pressure washing system comes fully equipped with 120 m of high-pressure hose and 120 m of water filling hose meaning we can park up anywhere of up to 120 m from the cleaning area with no equipment to be unloaded and for further distances we always carry portable pressure washing machinery on board that we can easily take off to get any job finished without hesitation. All of our high-pressure jet washing services / driveway cleaning is preferably carried out using one of our rotary hard surface cleaners which contains the water under its large plate stopping splashback on surrounding surfaces, just to note all surfaces and surrounding areas are thoroughly cleaned down by our team after any of our cleaning services but we always try to minimize/eliminate mess during the cleaning process. Feel the pressure Uk superheated steam cleaning and professional pressure washing in Cobham and the Fairmile.


Contact our team today for a no-obligation free quotation, we have lots of information on surface types and recommend cleaning techniques, we also provide free cleaning test patches and guarantee spotless finishes. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in professional pressure washing/steam cleaning and exterior cleaning services near you.

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