Exterior paint removal service Beckenham, London BR3 4HW

feel the pressure uk exterior paint removal service

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In this blog post, we explain how we carried out an exterior paint removal service in Beckenham, London, BR3 4HW using the The Doff – superheated cleaning system.

The Doff superheated cleaning system Is a specialist piece of cleaning equipment that is used for many of our professional services. The steam-based system can be manually set to temperatures of up to 150C producing a heated vapour that is able delicately remove an array of substances including Surface Treatments, Wax, Chewing Gum, Oil/Bitumen, Organic Matter and in this case Flexible Paints.

The 2 story attached house and Beckenham had been painted some years ago with a brilliant white exterior paint, the ground floor level of the property was painted over the original brickwork while the upper level was painted over a pebble-dash finish with brickwork going up both sides and trim along the top under the guttering just below the main roof.

The property owner instructed to us that he only wanted the paint to be removed from the brickwork and not the pebble dash on the upper floor as it was his plan was to have all brickwork re-pointed on completion. We supplied 2 small samples, one on either side of the property to determine how easy the paint could be removed in order for us to offer the best price available for the service, once the test patches were complete and the owner got to see first hand the quality of the finish we were booked in to supply the exterior paint removal service which consisted of all sections of brickwork on the front face of the building to be stripped of all exterior paint including main ground floor wall, entrance porch and all trims, 2 side and one below main roof. It took 3 days to complete the exterior paint removal service but once complete not a spec of paint left on the brickwork and ready for the next step, the brick repointing service.

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