How to remove paint from bricks professionally

How to remove paint from bricks professionally

How to remove paint from bricks without causing damage to the brickwork or surrounding pointing is a highly skilled service. Whether it be to remove paint in order to enhance the appearance of a property for structural purposes correct measures should always be taken. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in how to remove paint from bricks and other surfaces. We ensure an effective removal and also ensure no damage is inflicted to any part of the brickwork.

Removing brick paint professionally requires professional equipment and in most cases chemical application. Our team provide the very best in brick paint removal services alongside all other aspects of exterior cleaning services.

Can all types of paint be removed from brick?

Removing paint from brick and stone

The majority of brick paints can be removed successfully from brickwork using specialised removal techniques. Some paints may be removed easier or harder than others. There are many factors that will determine how easy or hard brick paint will be removed, these will include, the type of brick, the type of paint, the length of time the paint has been on the brick and the number of coats that have been applied.

There are many types of paint that are used for painting brickwork, but only main variations when it comes when it comes knowing how to remove paint from brick. The two main variations of paint that are used for painting brickwork will be either a brittle or a flexible coating. Depending on which type of coating you have on your surface will determine which type of method is appropriate for a successful removal.

Flexible coatings can delicately be removed using specialised paint softeners alongside mechanical scrapping/Doff or Therma-Tech steam cleaning. Brittle coatings need to be abrasively removed using more aggressive techniques like sand or soda blasting. To determine which type of paint is on your surface a small test patch should be carried out to get a better understanding.

How to test paint on bricks

Test patch paint removal
paint removal test patch

Before taking on any paint removal service our team at will always provide a small test patch to understand exactly what type of paint is on the surface.

Test samples are carried out by our team using chemical paint softeners alongside super-heated steam cleaning. First we apply a specially formulated paint softening solution to a chosen area, leaving it to soak for the appropriate dwell time. If the paint softens and starts to break down that means it is a flexible coating. Flexible coatings can be delicately removed using super-heated steam cleaning equipment including either a Doff or Therma-Tech.

If a paint softener is applied to paint and has no reaction, this will tell you that the paint is not flexible and is therefore a brittle coating. Brittle coatings will need to be abrasively removed. You may find some properties to have a modern flexible paint on the top coats with an old brittle coating at the bottom, this is why it is always important to do a test patch first so you know exactly what you are dealing with we have provided you with a demonstration video below going into more detail about how the paint softeners and steam cleaning equipment work)

How to remove paint on bricks using super-heated steam cleaning

Brick paint removal How to remove exterior paint from bricks and stonework Doff cleaning system

This video is a perfect example of how to remove paint from bricks using the delicate combination of Doff steam cleaning and chemical application

Guaranteed results for all types of bricks

Guaranteed to cause no damage to bricks or pointing

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