Indian sandstone clean & restoration amazing result must see!

How to clean a sand stone patio esher Surrey

We attended this property in Esher Surrey KT10 to perform a patio cleaning service to their natural stone patio.
   We knew from the pictures that we received previously that day that the patio was in quite a bad way with overgrown weeds and lots of surface dirt and definitely in need of a good clean. So for us was something to look forward to,  as there is nothing better then cleaning a surface so dirty and making it look like new.

We’ve started the patio cleaning by removing all weeds growing up through the gaps of the stonework and bagging them up in to recycling bags along with all dead leaves that where covering the surface of the patio. Once all weeds and leaves were removed from the site we could proceed  with the stone cleaning.
Using one of our Honda pressure washing machines along with one of our 22 inch patio cleaning trolleys, we attacked the patio removing all surface dirt and impurities. Our patio cleaning trolley is ideal for covering large areas in a short amount of time and was perfect for this job in particular , as most of the dirt was only on the surface and was not in need of a black spot removal service.
After the patio cleaning was complete using our 22 inch patio cleaning trolley all that was left to do was to give the patio a final rinse down. We attached the gun component back to the pressure washer and rinsed all the left over surface dirt from the patio down the drain.
When performing a patio cleaning service always make sure that there is good drainage on the site as you don’t want to be left standing in big puddles of mud. Once the patio was cleaned and rinsed down the results were amazing.
The Indian sandstone patio looked like it had just been laid down, just like new . The owner of the property was extremely happy with the patio cleaning service and could not stop thanking us. 
We take pride in our job and our main gratification is to see our customers happy .
 If you have any questions about our patio cleaning service or any other service that we supply please contact us free by phone or email anytime.

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