Indian sandstone patio cleaning & why we love it!

Our team at Feel the pressure UK provide dozens of professional Patio cleaning services on a monthly basis cleaning and restoring all types of patio surfaces to the very highest of standards. With a have a full range of specialised patio cleaning techniques including high-pressure jet washing, superheated patio steam cleaning, patio black spot removal & Chemical assisted patio cleaning our team can remove all types of surface dirt, stains, deposits and impurities, guaranteeing spotless finishes for all of our customers.

Why we love cleaning Indian sandstone patios

Even though we provide spotless finishes for all the patios we clean there is something about cleaning Indian sandstone that gives us a lot of satisfaction.
In my opinion Indian sandstone is one of the most beautiful patio surfaces, the natural stone housing dozens of shades of natural colours Spiralling in many shapes and forms it is a true natural beauty of a stone, but saying that Indian sandstone patios can become dull very quickly and are a Haven for the breeding of Bacterial growth and organic matter including Algae and the most common and most dreaded Lichen (Patio black spot)!

patio black spots and the machine that gets rid of them, the Therma-Tech super heated steam cleaner

For most home and property owners without the necessary cleaning equipment removing patio black spots from Indian sandstone can be a real nightmare and patios are often cleaned to a very low standard, iv often been told by our customers that in the past other ”professionals” have failed to remove the black spots and even some customers having being lied to! the most common excuse we hear about other outfits failing to remove the spots is that the spots are actually aviation fuel that is dropped from the sky from passing airplanes,

1: patio black spots are not from aviation fuel they are a type of organic matter called Lichen, bacterial spores that starts life on the underside of leaves, so small and invisible to the naked eye these spores are transported onto patios in their millions where they soon start to grow and become visible. 2: even if the black spots where aviation fuel our team at Feel the pressure UK would still be able to remove the fuel spots from the surface, our Doff and Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaners can heat, break down and remove all types of fuel and oil, there is no excuse for pore cleaning! With all that in mind i think this is why our customers are so happy and satisfied with the cleaning services we provide when carrying out a professional Indian sandstone patio cleaning service, Our team at Feel the pressure Uk provide a 100% spotless finish for all patio surface types including Indian sandstone, also restoring the natural colour back to the stone we leave Indian sandstone patios looking like they have just been laid.

How to professionally clean Indian sandstone

We Carryout a professional Indian sandstone patio cleaning service in 3 stages guaranteeing the best possible finish and also guaranteeing that no damage is inflicted to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the pointing.

Stage-1 the surface clean

We first provide a patio steam cleaning service cleaning the surface at 150C with very minimal pressure using one of our Doff or Therma-Tech steam cleaning systems, we never recommend high pressure jet washing as a cleaning method for Indian sandstone patio cleaning as the high pressure can easily inflict damage to the stone or the patios pointing. We steam clean the surface removing all surface dirt and the Majority of blacks spots, depending on how bad of a build up and how formed the spots are on the surface determines how easily they are to lift when carrying out the surface clean, in some cases all spots are removed instantly, in other cases with heavier build ups the Sodium hypochlorite we use in stage-2 of the cleaning process restoring the natural colour back to the stone also brakes down the spots that didn’t move in stage-1 which are then removed in stage-3 the final rinse & clean.
No matter how bad the build-up of black spots are or how minimal we always carry out a 3-stage cleaning process, Stage-1 professional surface cleaning, Stage-2 lifting and restoring the natural colour back the stone using Sodium hypochlorite and Stage-3 the final rinse and clean.
Once we have completed stage-1 (the surface clean) We give the surface a thorough rinse over Making sure all dirty water is rinsed away but leave the surface remaining wet with freshwater in preparation for stage-2.

Surface cleaning using our Therma-Tech

Natural Indian sandstone patio cleaning using the Therma-Tech superheated steam system 

Stage-2 lifting & restoring the natural

In stage-2 we use a mixture of water and sodium hypochlorite to clean and lift the natural colour back to the natural stone, please be warned I would highly recommend any cleaning where chemicals are needed to be carried out by professionals but if this is something that are planning to do yourself please make sure all the correct protective clothing is worn including rubber gloves, safety goggles and Preferably a rubber or plastic suit. Sodium hypochlorite is highly corrosive and can cause severe burns to the skin and will eat away at clothing also please remember when mixing sodium hypochlorite with water to always pour the Sodium hypochlorite into the water and never the other way round to help prevent splash back of sodium hypochlorite. Once all the correct safety measures are in place we apply the mixture onto the surface with a stiff brush coving all areas of the patio evenly, sodium hypochlorite is a pure form of liquid bleach breaking down any leftover bacteria’s on the surface that may have been left during the surface clean (stubborn black spots) but also cleaning and lifting the natural colour back to the beautiful stone fully restoring it back to its former glory. Once the sodium hypochlorite is applied we leave the solution down for around 30 minutes letting it do its work before moving on to the final stage of the cleaning process.

Stage-3 the final rinse and clean.

In stage-3 final rinse and clean it is literally just a rinse and clean! We thoroughly rinse down the surface removing all of the mixture we applied in stage-2 this is normally rinsed down to the nearest drain hole, we use copious amounts of water in the rinse to dilute the mixture down as it is deposed of and keep on rinsing the surface thoroughly until there is no solution left on the surface just clean fresh water, we then pinpoint any marks left on the surface (if any) guaranteeing a complete spotless finish and colour restoration! We guarantee spotless finishes for all Indian sandstone patios services and that is why we are one of the leading professional patio cleaning companies in the south-east, just seeing the satisfaction on our customers faces at the end of the day makes it that little bit special, there is nothing better than doing the job you love and making people happy at the same time what can be better then that.

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