Indian sandstone patio steam cleaning Weybridge KT13

Feel the pressure UK experts in professional pressure washing and patio steam cleaning services deliver the only the very best in results, guaranteeing spotless finishes while restoring natural colour back to all types of patio surfaces across London, Surrey and the southeast.

The sun is out, spring is here and our team at Feel the pressure Uk can’t wait to get back into the full flow of cleaning and restoring bountiful patio surfaces for our customers all over London, Surrey and the Southeast. 
Even though we carry out professional brick cleaning, stone cleaning and patio cleaning services all year round there is no doubt that from the start of April till the end of September our patio cleaning services are at the highest of demands and is definitely our favourite time of the year.
In 2018 our team supplied hundreds of professional patio cleaning services of all shapes, sizes and surface types so lets hope in 2019 we have just as much fun as patio cleaning is what we love to do.
 The latest patio we cleaned was this lovely Indian sandstone patio deep in the heart of surveys Weybridge.

Indian sandstone patio steam cleaning Weybridge KT13

When first contacted regarding the patio cleaning service the property owner sent us a few pictures over so we could see what kind of state the patio was in and what surface type it was. At first glance it was hard to tell as the surface was completely covered thick in dirt, algae Lichens (patio black spots) and all other types of bacterial growths ; not one part of natural surface was at all visible . Regardless we booked it in guaranteeing a spotless finish because no matter what the surface was we would sure be able to restore it to its former glory because that’s what we do day in day out!

On arrival on the day of the cleaning service and after having a closer inspection of the patio it was confirmed to be natural Indian sandstone. Natural Indian sandstone is a very vibrant and colourful stone and when professionally cleaned looks amazing. We always clean and always recommend Indian sandstone patio cleaning to be carried out using heat rather than high pressure jet washing as high pressure is likely to inflict damage to the surface of the stone as Indian sandstone patios are quite fragile and layers tend to flake off.

Patio steam cleaning

Our Therma-Tech and Doff superheated cleaning systems work excellent for patio steam cleaning, reaching temperatures of up to 150C we are able to clean and cut through the toughest of stains effortlessly without the use of high pressure while also exterminating all bacterial spores on the stones surface in the cleaning process, meaning there is no need for any types of chemical treatments for the cleaning or as a protection. Patio steam cleaning offers the most thorough but yet safest cleaning available for Indian sandstone patios.

This patio in Weybridge, Surrey KT13 was in a bad state on our arrival not in the sense of damaged but really dirty, thick black and green patches of algae and lichen covered the surface but once we got the heat on it, it melted like butter cutting through to reveal the lovely colourful stone that was hidden beneath. It took just 4 hours to completely restore the patio to its original colour and as you can see in our pictures the results where amazing, spotless finishes all round! Another patio steam cleaning service executed wonderfully by our team and another very happy customer, for us nothing gets better than that.

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