Jet washing services



Feel the pressure UK is a well-established professional jet washing service. We offer the very best in both high-pressure jet washing as well as low-pressure exterior steam cleaning. Our jet-washing experts are highly skilled and have many of experience in the exterior cleaning industry. Our team ensures every individual surface that we clean is cleaned effectively and efficiently, whilst using the most appropriate jet washing methods to suit at all times.

All professional jet washing services that we offer are competitively priced and great value for money. We offer free quotations, free consultations and even provide free jet cleaning samples for all jet washing services upon request. So contact us today and be amazed at what we can do for you.

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Jet washing samples

Jet washing services

At Feel the pressure UK our customer satisfaction is absolutely everything to us. Every individual jet washing service that we undertake is always guaranteed on quotation to meet your desired result.

Free jet washing test patches are the best way for our team to demonstrate the magnificent results we can achieve as well as guarantee your individual jet washing service, this ensures that all parties are 100% satisfied with the results before booking with our team.

Contact our jet-washing experts today to arrange free consultations and quotations as well as free jet-washing test patches.

Professional jet-washing methods

At Feel the pressure UK we use a variety of professional jet-washing machinery and methods to ensure all surfaces are cleaned effectively and efficiently at all times. Jet washing methods include Doff steam cleaning, soft washing and high-pressure jet washing. Our professional jet washing equipment not only gives us the advantage to achieve immaculate results but also gives us the advantage to drastically cut the time of the overall jet washing service, keeping the overall cost for professional jet washing services competitively priced and great value for money.


Jet washing services

Doff steam cleaning system is by far the most effective and efficient jet washing method for exterior surfaces including natural stone, brick, render and roof tiles.

While conventional jet washing systems rely on high-pressure to blast dirt from surfaces, Doff hot water jet washing is delicate and uses heat to kill and remove all types of organic growth as well as stubborn surface dirt. Doff hot water jet washing uses a combination of high temperature and extremely low pressure to clean the most delicate of exterior surfaces without inflicting any type of unwanted damage to the substrate.

Hot water jet washing is the cleaning method that is approved and recommended by conservation specialists for the cleaning of heritage and historic buildings due to its delicate but effective results. Not only does jet washing at 150° offer an all-around much deeper clean for removing surface dirt but it also effortlessly kills and removes all types of organic matter including algae, lichen and biofilm without the use of chemicals which are often needed when using conventional cold jet washing systems. Jet washing using the Doff system at 150° kills all biological spores during the jet cleaning process and surfaces are left 100% sterilised upon completion. Sterilised surfaces remain cleaner over much longer periods of time.

High-pressure jet washing

Jet washing services

High-pressure jet washing is an exterior cleaning technique used mainly for cleaning large concrete and block paving areas. Low-pressure steam cleaning is the recommended cleaning method for bricks and stone and also roof cleaning. Jet washing using high pressure is also the recommended technique for removing heavy build-ups of weeds from hard surfaces.

Our professional jet washing experts use the very best portable as well as van-mounted jet washing equipment. Our portable jet washers are great for accessing small hard-to-reach areas whilst our van-mounted get washers are great for cleaning large accessible areas in short amounts of time. Whatever type of area you need jet washing we have the best equipment to clean it efficiently and effectively. All of our jet washing services are guaranteed with a spotless finish and full colour restoration.