Paint removal demonstration using the Therma-tech super heated cleaning system – Clapham south west London.

Therma-Tech paint removal service London

In this blog we demonstrate how easy it is to remove paint from brickwork using the Therma-tech super heated cleaning system.

The owner of the property was struggling to remove the paint for some time and fault he came to a dead end. We was randomly passing by when we saw the owner trying to remove the paint using a blow torch on Clapham high street south west London, luckily for him we had the therma-tech on board and offered to supply a free test patch so he can see the results.

The Therma-tech super heated cleaning system is a specialist piece of equipment that is able to heat the water to temperatures of up to 150c allowing it to brake down the likes of paint therefor being able to remove from brickwork and other hard surfaces with ease.

As you can see in our video as soon as the heat from the Therma-tech makes contact with the paint it starts to remove almost instantly, after only 2 minuets we are able to remove the paint from 5 bricks leaving them absolutely spotless.

If you have any questions regarding our therma-tech cleaning services, paint removal services or any other service we offer please contact-us as we are always happy to help.

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