Patio Cleaning Services Guildford – Woking

Feel the pressure UK, Surreys leading brick & natural stone cleaning experts offer a wide range of professional driveway and patio cleaning services covering Guildford ,Woking and all surrounding areas. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in all types of professional driveway and patio cleaning services including high pressure jet washing and Doff /Therma-tech superheated steam cleaning which are both guaranteed to deliver 100% spotless finishes and full body colour restorations while keeping the cost of patio cleaning affordable and competitively priced. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in professional driveway and patio cleaning services near you.

Therma-Tech super heated patio cleaning 

Doff steam cleaning system

The Therma-Tech cleaning system is a specialist piece of cleaning equipment, producing a super heated vapour at temperatures of up 150C making it the most effective cleaning system in the business, the Therma-tech system can therefore clean to the very highest of standards without the use of high pressure and is ideal for cleaning sort natural stone patios where high pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing. Our team offer Therma-tech super heated patio cleaning coving Guildford Woking and all surrounding areas guaranteeing spotless finishes for any type of patio surface.

Patio black spot removal as standard

Patio black spots (lichens) are living fungus that are transported onto patios and driveways by floating leaves and local vegetation in there millions once infected the oil like spots without the right cleaning equipment can be a nightmare to remove for any home owner and even some professionals. The solution “Feel the pressure UK” We offer black spot removal services coving Guildford and all surrounding areas guaranteeing 100% black spot removal from any driveway or patio surface when we clean. We clean and eliminate all black spots and lay down a solution that prevents them coming back any time soon, we also advice on simple cleaning techniques you can apply to stop them growing and appearing down the line.





For more information on our Guildford & Woking driveway & patio cleaning service or any other services that we provide including, professional stone cleaning, brick cleaning or roof cleaning services please contact us any time as we are always happy to help with your queries.