Patio steam cleaning, how to get your gray sandstone looking amazing again.

Feel the pressure Uk London and Surreys leading patio cleaning service deliver only the very finest of professional finishes providing the best in patio steam cleaning and high pressure jet washing, we guarantee the removal of any unwanted stains and impurities from all patios surfaces and that’s exactly what we do day in day out.

The grey sandstone patio we cleaned in these pictures was in quite a bad state covered in surface dirt and thick with algae we was unable to tell the natural colour of the stone until the cleaning process began. The owners explained to us how they was having trouble just being able to walk on it due to how slippery the surface had become, it was dangerous and definitely in good need of a professional patio cleaning service.

We supplied the service using our Therma-Tech superheated patio cleaning system, this is what we always use and recommend for cleaning any type of sandstone due to its delicate cleaning techniques. Reaching temperatures of up to 150C our patio steam cleaning systems can clean effortlessly using only a very minimal amount of pressure around a 5th of one of our high-pressure jet washing systems that we use for cleaning harder patio surfaces, including block paving and concrete, so with the temperature set to 150C we sawed through the thick layers of algae and surface dirt with no problems at all restoring the beautiful grey Indian sandstone patio back to its natural colour without a spot left on the surface also making it safe to walk on again for the property owner. As you can see the patio cleaning results where amazing from green to grey in 30 minutes 



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