Pool house roof & patio pressure washing service – Shirley-Croydon CR0

Before and After Pressure Cleaning Patio around Summer house in Richmond, Surrey

We received a phone call from the owner of a property in Shirley Croydon CR0 , regarding a patio cleaning and roof cleaning service on an outside pool house in the rear of their garden.
  After receiving some pictures of the area, we saw that it was definitely a job we would like to take on as there is nothing better for us than restoring a really neglected area and bringing it back to its former glory with a good old pressure clean.

The patio at the front of the pool house was made from yellow concrete slabs with an area of around 25 m², and was covered thick with moss, algae and a heavy build up of surface dirt. The roof was also very thick with algae and moss , mainly caused by the surrounding trees as the area was very secluded and hidden under all the undergrowth.

So we started with the roof cleaning service.  When cleaning multiple areas like in this example ,roof and patio cleaning it is always best to start from the top as the dirt from the roof will only come down on to the patio and you have to clean it up after anyway.
We started by removing the thicker pieces of moss by hand, bagging them up and removing them from site, then we went to work on cleaning the tiles using our Doff superheated cleaning system.

The Doff superheated cleaning system along with the Therma-tech cleaning system are able to heat water to temperatures of up to 150C therefore being able to clean without the use of high pressure making it the perfect and in our eyes the only cleaning machine to use when cleaning delicate areas such as roof tiles.
After roof cleaning was completed we moved on to cleaning the yellow concrete patio using one of our Honda diesel pressure washing systems.
Even though the Doff and Therma-tech machines are ideal for cleaning any hard
surface including brick-cleaning & stone-cleaning when it comes to cleaning concrete we always go with the higher pressure and greater water flow which is produced by our cold pressure washing machines , as concrete is rocksolid there is no risk of damage caused by pressure washing and can clean larger areas in a shorter amount of time. 
It took two of our team members around seven hours to complete the roof cleaning and patio cleaning service but once complete the results were amazing as you can see in the pictures.
Another job well done, another happy customer and just another day in the office for the Feel the pressure team.

For more information on our roof cleaning services, patio cleaning services or our Doff & Therma-Tech super heated cleaning services please visit our service pages or contact us free by phone or e-mail anytime.

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