Patio & Driveway cleaning services Esher KT10

Feel the pressure UK, Esher’s local professional jet washing service offers a wide range of professional driveway and patio cleaning services that guarantees to deliver spotless finishes along with a full-body colour restoration for all patio surface types no matter the condition. Offering the very best in high-pressure jet washing, Doff patio steam cleaning & patio black spot removal our team provides free quotations with free sample cleaning also offered on the day to demonstrate the magnificent results we can achieve for your individual surface. All of the patio cleaning services we offer are competitively priced and all services are carried out professionally and to the very highest of standards. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in professional patio cleaning services near you.

Doff – Patio steam cleaning

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Patio steam cleaning is by far the most thorough and effective patio cleaning method available for cleaning all types of patio surfaces including both natural and artificial stone, not only does the Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning systems make light work of gently removing stubborn surface dirt from patios and all types of organic matter including Algae and Lichen (patio black spots) but the delicate superheated steam at 150c also kills all biological spores during the gentle patio cleaning process without chemicals or high-pressure having to be applied eliminating any risk of damage that can be easily inflicted to the surface under high-pressure jet washing including scaring and pointing/grouting being knocked out of place, patio steam cleaning is professional, delicate and eco-friendly and our team at Feel the pressure UK are highly experienced in providing the very best of patio steam cleaning services near you

Patio black spot removal 

Patio black spots/black spots on patios are a common sight for most home owners all over the country due to their rapid, natural, organic growth form, removing black spots from a patio on the other hand can be a nightmare for property owners and even some professionals patio cleaning companies, after hours of intense patio cleaning most will find the black spots on the patio still to be there. Our team at Feel the pressure UK provide a professional patio black spot removal service that can guarantee a 99.9% removal of patio black spots (Lichens) from all types of patio and driveway surfaces, not only does our team clean and remove the black spots on the patio but we also restore the full colour to the surface to the patio where the black spots once where. Feel the pressure UK, Professional patio black spot removal services near you.





We offer a free quotation call out service covering Esher KT10 and all surrounding areas, simply contact our team and we will arrange a time and date suitable for you and one of are team will visit your property free of charge to talk you though all the possible and recommend patio cleaning methods for your surface or surfaces, or if you prefer to simply send over some pictures or measurements you can do so via WhatsApp or Email and one of our team will get back to you within minutes. We also offer free patio sample cleaning

If you have any questions regarding our patio & driveway cleaning services or any other professional exterior cleaning service that we provide including professional stone cleaning, roof cleaning or brick cleaning services contact us any time as we are always happy to help with all enquiries.