Pressure washing services Weybridge KT13

Pressure washing services in Weybridge

Feel the pressure UK Surreys leading brick & natural stone cleaning experts offer a wide range of professional cleaning services in Weybridge KT13 and surrounding areas. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in all types of specialized exterior cleaning services including professional stone cleaning, roof cleaning, patio cleaning and professional brick cleaning services, providing both, high-pressure jet washing along with Doff & Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaning our team guarantee spotless finishes for all of your surface types.

Professional patio cleaning in Weybridge


Feel the pressure UK provide a professional and super effective patio cleaning service with a patio black spot removal service guaranteeing spotless finishes for all types of patio surfaces including natural & artificial stone, concrete, block paving and much more. Our Doff & Therma-Tech superheated cleaning systems can reach temperatures of up to 150C and able to gently clean to the very highest of standards, removing the toughest of stains including oil, paint and patio black spot effortlessly without the use of high pressure or chemical being applied, ideal for cleaning soft natural stone patios where high-pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing.

Professional stone cleaning in Weybridge

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Feel the pressure UK provide the very best in state of the art, professional, eco-friendly stone cleaning services that guarantees to deliver spotless finishes for all types of stone surfaces being flat or structured. Therma-Tech and Doff steam Cleaning offers a delicate, non-abrasive stone cleaning solution that is used by our professional exterior cleaning experts for both residential and historic stone cleaning. producing a superheated vapour reaching temperatures of up to 150C, able to clean to highest of standards effortlessly removing all types of biological matter including fungi, algae and moss without the use of chemicals or high pressure, minimizing the risk of any damage to the cleaned surface. The Doff & Therma-Tech cleaners not only removes biological growths but the extreme heat also kills off all spores in the cleaning process meaning there is no need for chemicals such as biocide for the removal or as a protection from further growths.

Professional roof cleaning in Weybridge

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Our team at Feel the pressure UK supplies the very best in delicate, eco-friendly superheated roof cleaning services that not only makes your property look amazing but also protects your roof from potential damage caused by unwanted biological matter, like moss, algae and lichen. Our Doff & Therma-Tech steam cleaners produce a superheated vapour at a temperature of up to 150C and are able to clean delicate surfaces such as roof tiles effortlessly without the use of high pressure or chemical, operating on an extremely low water flow there is no saturation during the gentle roof cleaning process and the surface of the roof will be dry within minutes. Our Doff & Therma-Tech steam cleaners do not only remove biological matter from the surface but the 150C superheated steam also kills all biological spores so there is no need for chemicals such as biocide used for the removal process or as protection making it an eco-frindly cleaning service.





If you have any questions regarding any of our professional exterior cleaning services in Weybridge or surrounding areas contact our team today as we have lots of knowledgeable information and are always ready to help. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in Doff steam cleaning and professional pressure washing near you.