professional brick-cleaning, why​ you should always​ use steam and never high-pressure​

Professional brick cleaning is a service that’s high in demand for our team at Feel the pressure UK all year round, from January right though to December we provide professional brick cleaning and restoration services for customers all over the south-east of England, weather its cleaning and restoring somebody’s beloved home a commercial enterprise or period property there is one thing you can always be sure of, high-pressure jet washing is never used or never recomened by our team for any type of professional brick cleaning what so ever.

The art of professional brick cleaning is knowing how to clean brickwork to the desired state of the customer’s choice without inflicting any damage to the surface including the brick itself or other areas such as the brickworks pointing. When high pressure is applied to any type of brickwork for the purpose of cleaning damage is very highly likely to be inflicted, the face of the brick can easily be scared or chipped, pointing can quite easily be knocked out of place and whole bricks can easily just corrode and fall apart, the damage can cause serious repercussions not just in appearance but also structural weakness and penetrating damp among others. Not only is high pressure jet washing harmful for brickwork but the cleaning standard is also very poor, high-pressure jet washing uses cold water rather than hot so the clean is nowhere near as thorough no bacteria is killed during the cleaning process unless chemical is applied, Therma-tech and Doff steam cleaning offers professional, safe, chemical-free brick cleaning and is the only method we provide or recommend for any type of professional brick cleaning service

Therma-Tech and Doff cleaning systems

The Therma-Tech and Doff cleaning systems are professional steam based stone and masonry cleaners designed purely to provide a delicate cleaning solution for many types of hard surfaces including brickwork. Both machines work in a similar fashion, cold water is pumped into the machine through a garden hose the same as you would when using a cold pressure washing system, what happens next is the water travels through a large boiler and is heated to the desired temperature ranging from 30C right up to 150C which is manually set by the operator and can be easily adjusted at any time using the thermostat control panel, the pressure level on the pump can also easily be adjusted at any time giving the operator full control of the system to meet the specific needs for the surface being cleaned.

Therma-Tech and Doff brick cleaning

When providing a professional brick cleaning service you need to be

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