Red & Yellow concrete slab patio cleaning service – Highgate London N6

patio cleaning before and after yellow concrete slab patio pressure cleaning

Our team at Feel the pressure provide dozens of professional patios services on a monthly basis, whether it be natural or artificial stone, block paving or concrete we have the best patio cleaning solutions for all types of surface.

We had been recently called to this property in Highgate London N6 to perform a patio cleaning service made from red and yellow concrete slabs. Before attending the property we had the opportunity to receive a few pictures to get a rough idea of what we were dealing with. Upon the inspection it was clear to see that the concrete was in quite a bad state, completely covered in surface dirt and in some sections lichen infestations and in need of a patio black spot removal service. 
With that in mind we decided to take with us our Doff Superheated cleaning system.

The Doff Superheated cleaning system works similar to a pressure washing system but is able to control and heat the water to temperatures of up to 150C , therefore being able to heat, breakdown and remove the likes of Lichen (black spots) from all types of patios without the use of chemicals.

On our arrival at the property it was clear to see a few red patches coming through the dirt and grime on the concrete in the side alley ,but the main back patio was so bad it was unclear to see any colour underneath at all, so we setup the Doff put the heat on full and started the cleaning process.
As soon as we put the heat on the concrete slabs all the surface dirt including the blackspots started removing almost instantly leaving a bright and vibrant yellow colour piercing through the surface . We carried on the cleaning process for approximately  three hours until the patio was absolutely spotless as you can see in our pictures.

Another patio cleaning service well-executed, another happy customer and just another day at the office for the Feel the pressure UK team.

If you have any questions regarding our professional patio cleaning services or any other exterior cleaning service that we provide contact us today, our team are always here to help.

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