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results of Thermatech steam cleaning London

Professional brick cleaning services Mayfair London W1

Feel the pressure uk offer a professional brick cleaning and brick repointing service in the heart of Londons Mayfair and all surrounding areas. Our team are fully trained, experienced and insured to preform high pressure jet washing along with Doff & Therma-tech super heated steam cleaning for unbeatable prices.

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Therma-Tech – Victorian brick cleaning service Dunraven street Mayfair

results of Thermatech steam cleaning London

We where contacted by the owner of a property, situated in Mayfair, London W1 regarding a Residential Brick cleaning service to a Victorian period, ground floor basement flat just off the back of Park lane.The Property owner was quite concerned and was regarding information on how the cleaning process took placeand made it clear from the start she wanted a cleaning service without the use of chemical.We explain to her about our Doff and Therma-tech super heated cleaning systems an how both alike are able to heat water to temperatures of up to 150C therefore being able to clean brickwork and other hard surfaces Without the use of high-pressure or chemical eliminating the risk of damage to the brickworks pointing and other delicate areas offering the most gentle but Thorough clean available.After a brief conversation and brake down about the cleaning process we was booked in for the following day to preform a Therma-tech super heated brick cleaning service to the property in question. We arrived at Mayfair and started the cleaning process at around 10 AM the following morning Using the Therma-techs heat to clean and remove all surface dirt and other Impurities from the Victorian brickwork. We cleaned 32 m² of exterior brickwork in the next four hours and as you can see in the pictures the Results were amazing. We restored all the natural colour back to the brickwork bringing the property back to its former glory. The owner was absolutely amazed with the Results of the service and couldn’t thank us enough. Another happy customer and just another day in the office for the feel pressure team.

If you have any questions regarding our brick cleaning services, Doff & Therma-tech super heated steam cleaning services or any other services we offer please contact us anytime or visit our individual service pages in our menu. 

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