Residential carpark & Driveway pressure cleaning service East Finchley London N2

driveway cleaning before and after pincher

We received a call from a property owner, saying we have been recommended to them by a client we previously worked for on a stone cleaning job in Chiswick Southwest London W4 ,the previous week .
It’s always nice to be recommended by a client as to know they are completely happy with the service that you have provided for them.

The women on the phone explained she was looking for a driveway cleaning service and also a pressure cleaning service to a large block paving area at the rear of the property used as a residential carpark by the tenants. 
We had arranged for some pictures to be sent over to us and were able to give a quote for the service over the phone; everyone happy we booked the job in and we were there three days later to complete the service.
The rear car park was the largest of the two areas consisting in about 80 m² and definitely in good need of a pressure cleaning service .Overgrown with weeds and thick surface dirt ,you could see only one clean patch on the ground where a car must have been parked before moved for the purpose of our cleaning.

The Driveway at front was around 20 m² just enough for two cars to fit but was also very dirty with visible white lichen spots covering the surface.
We started the pressure cleaning service in the rear carpark using one of our Honda diesel cold pressure washing systems connected to a 22 inch cleaning trolley .
 The cleaning trolleys are ideal when pressure washing large areas and can cut time drastically at the same time giving a thourough and professional clean. 

After a couple of hours we headed to the front to preform the driveway cleaning service. We cleaned the driveway using the same methods, our Honda cold diesel pressure washing system and 22 inch trolley cleaner and luckily the driveway had a good drainage system which made our job a lot easier. One hour later the job was complete and the results were like always amazing & spotless. 

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