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In our previous blog, Victorian brick cleaning Hampstead NW3, we explained how we obtained the job of restoring this beautiful Victorian property deep in the heart of Hampstead Heath London, and how we cleaned 270 m² of red brickwork and wall tiles on the property using our Therma-tech super heated cleaning system. Set back, off road and hidden in a private circular garden, the 130 year old property is a true Victorian gem to say the least and it has been a privilege for us to be able to clean and restore it back to its former glory. In this blog we are going to explain how we steam cleaned 180 m² of the properties main roof removing all algae, moss and other impurities from the tiles, cleaning and turning them from black to red using our Therma-tech super heated cleaning system.

The Therma-tech is the ideal piece of equipment when it comes to cleaning delicate surfaces such as roof tiles due to the fact the Therma-tech is able to heat water to temperatures of up to 150C and is able to clean to the highest of standards without the use of high pressure eliminating the risk of any damage to the roofs tiles. The original roof tiles had been replaced due to a Conversion where skylights where fitted in the mid 1980s. The new roof tiles clearly had not been cleaned in some years and were thick black with dirt and moss. We started the cleaning process from the top corner using roofing ladders to take position working our way around the perimeter (it is always recommended when preforming roof cleaning services to start from the top because the dirt runs downwards if you start from the bottom you will find yourself cleaning it again after cleaning the top). Once the top section of the roof was complete we still had around 4 meters going upwards from the guttering , we cleaned the mid sections using our Therma-tech telescopic lances. Made by Restorative Techniques themselves the telescopic lances are the only lances able to withhold the 150c of sheer heat that the Therma-tech produces while unofficial lances will simply just melt. Full length of the lance 3.8 meters fully extended, a great tool for professional roof cleaning along with all other cleaning services with hard to reach areas. After the middle section was complete we just had the bottom section left to clean that was around one meter high starting from the gutter.

It took us 3 days in total to complete the full roof cleaning service but once complete what a difference it made ,we removed every last spot of dirt from the roof exterminating any living fungus that once inhabited the surface changing it back from black to bright red and giving it that wow factor again looking just like new.

roof cleaning in London Hampstead NW3

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