Spider-Man Recognized Pressure Cleaning a Roof?

Spider-Man Recognized Pressure Cleaning a Roof on a Home in Florida During Rainstorm

I received a link from a customer we recently did a roof clean for, in Berkshire, we both found it amusing; so I thought to add to our blog.

An operator dressed in a Spider-Man outfit was recognised pressure cleaning a roof in Florida Monday.  

“It was pouring down, with thunder and lightning in the background. I peered out my window, and see this…,” Martinez wrote in the caption. As you can see in the video, two people are heard discussing whether the man operating the pressure cleaner was tethered to something or just relying on his superpowers to keep himself safe.

A neighbour

From what I can see he is doing a good job and as risky and dangerous as it is he has a great sense of balance. We prefer to use a Thermatec Superheated Pressure Cleaner for roof cleans as it causes no damage to the roof and does a better job than more traditional pressure cleaning methods.

Thermatec cleaning (commonly known as a Doff Cleaner) will do a better job due to the water being at a high enough temperature to do perform a much better clean with using less water and mess and also killing any living fungus making sure the roof is not only cleaner but stays clean for a longer period of time.

Roof tiles can be delicate so as impressive as spider man seems, it is probably not the best way to go about it, especially for a property like the recent roof clean we did in Hampstead . Not only was care needed for an old roof to a period property, but it was also a lot higher than the Florida house seen in this post.

cleaning the roof safely using a thermatec / doff superheated steam cleaner
A Little Bit Safer

As it turns out, this Spiderman worked with a Florida based business Sunset Paving & Pressure Cleaning. “He is the father of a buddy of mine who owns his own cleaning business,” Martinez explains to a Fox 35 reporter. “He got the costume for Father’s Day and, the rest is history!”

It seems that nothing will stop Spider-Man from getting the job done.

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