Spring cleaning the Nizels knoll Luxury estate – Tonbridge Kent TN11

The Nizels knoll estate in Tonbridge Kent is made up of seven luxury apartments set within the grounds of Nizels golf and health club, with each apartment having its own individual Indian sandstone patio along with various other sandstone features around the estate and also a large resin pathway there was a nice bit of cleaning for our team to tackle over the two day period.

Indian sandstone patio steam cleaning

The seven sandstone patios around the estate where all unique in the terms of shape and size But all covered with surface dirt and infestations of patio black spot. We carried out the patio cleaning services by professional patio steam cleaning using our Therma-Tech superheated cleaning system. The Thema-Tech cleaning system is a professional piece of kit that can reach temperatures of up to 150C able to delicately clean all types of natural stone surfaces to perfection without the use of high pressure and is what we always use and recommend for Indian sandstone patio cleaning services due to the fragile surface that can easily be damaged under high-pressure jet washing. The Therma-Tech patio steam cleaning system can also heat, breakdown and remove some of the toughest of stains that can’t be removed by the average cold jet washing system including oil, paint and in this case of patio cleaning the dreaded patio black spot (Lichen). We cleaned all seven patios over the course of the day and all to a spotless finish, Indiana sandstone patio cleaning at its finest!

100-metre Resin pathway 

 Also in the estate was a large resin bound communal pathway leading to access 3 of the properties at the rear of the estate and also the resident’s post boxes that were situated outside.
Cleaning a resin bound surface of any sort including pathways, driveways and patios has to be done by certain methods to ensure no damage is caused to the surface during the cleaning process as the tiny stone pebbles that are bound to resin can easily be blasted off under high-pressure jet washing so the way we carrie this out is by attaching one of our professional patio surface cleaners to one of our patio steam cleaning systems. 
Our patio surface cleaners are the perfect tool for cleaning resin bound surfaces, The trolley based cleaners are very mobile on four wheels and easily pushed to cover a large area of space in a short amount of time but what makes the surface cleaners so good for cleaning resin bound surfaces is that the water is directed to 3 different nozzles on the underside of the trolley meaning that the pressure is divided by 3 also rotating at such a high speed there is hardly any pressure kept on any one point at any time eliminating any risk of damage to the surface and when you attach this to one of our patio steam cleaning systems the steam is trapped between the surface and the cleaner breaking down anything in its path providing a general but thorough clean!!

Cleaning Indian sandstone with a 20” patio surface cleaner

Also on the property was various other parts of Indian sandstone that we cleaned including Communal bin areas small walkways and a sandstone set of stairs leading to one of the upper-level apartments, all areas around the estate where cleaned to a spotless finish with amazing results, ill let our pictures speak for themselves.

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