Patio steam cleaning vs high-pressure patio cleaning

Feel the pressure UK provide dozens of professional patio cleaning services on a monthly basis cleaning and restoring patio surfaces to the best possible finish available and guaranteeing a spotless finishe for all of our customers.

When our team at Feel the pressure UK provide a professional patio cleaning service there are two main options of machinery we use depending on the surface type, one option being the Therma-Tech Superheated cleaning system and the other being one of our pressure washing systems.
 In this blog we are going to explain why and what is the best system for each surface type.

Therma-Tech patio steam cleaning

The Therma-Tech superheated cleaning system is a professional stone and masonry cleaner that is able to produce a superheated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C ,therefore able to clean to the highest of standards without the use of high pressure.
  Initially designed for cleaning listed and heritage buildings due to its gentle cleaning techniques the Therma-Tech system works amazing for natural stone patio cleaning services and that’s why we always have one on board and ready for use.

When performing a natural stone patio cleaning service you need to be as gentle as possible making sure no damage is caused to the stone surface during the cleaning process as natural stone patios including sandstone, limestone and slat just to name a few are prone to flake and one of the main reasons for this is because of what we like to call freeze-thaw! 
Freeze-thaw or frost shattering is when water penetrates the stones surface, freezes and then thaws out shattering the stone in the process, if you then go and put high pressure on the surface damage will most likely be inflicted, pieces will surly flake off making the patio uneven and less appealing to the eye, even without freeze-thaw high-pressure jet washing alone can cause unwanted damage like knocking out pointing or scarring the stone and leaving horrible marks.
So now your probably thinking why don’t we just turn the pressure down to stop damaging stone and why is the heat so important in natural stone patio cleaning services, because without the 150C heat produced by the Therma-Tech system you simply wouldn’t get the results you are after. 
 Cold-water with low-pressure is not a good combination for professional patio cleaning it does not deliver great results and something we would never use or recommend as a professional patio cleaning service.

Patio steam cleaning on the other hand can be carried out using a psi level (pressure per square inch) as low as 50 bar around a 5th of the pressure that is produced by one of our pressure washing systems and can still clean to the very highest of standards removing the toughest of stains that high-pressure jet washing will still struggle with including oil, paint, and all types of organic matter including Lichen (patio black spot) ,it also kills all biological spores in the cleaning process delivering outstanding results and is the only cleaning method we recommend for natural stone patio cleaning services.

High-pressure patio cleaning

So after reading all about our patio steam cleaners and how good they clean you’re probably wondering, why do we still need to use pressure washing systems for cleaning patios, the answer is high-pressure jet washers are better for cleaning harder surfaces including block paving and concrete, unless your trying to remove oil or copious amounts of paint, high-pressure jet washing is ideal. 
  Pressure washing does not cause damage to the surface of block paving or concrete as it would to natural stone as the surface is a lot harder and a lot more durable. High-Pressure jet washing systems also have a larger water flow, around 140% larger then the Therma-Tech system meaning you can clean a larger surface in a much smaller amount of time. Pressure washing systems are also better for blasting unwanted weeds from within the gaps of block paving and concrete slabs that may be a struggle with the lower pressure produced by the Therma-Tech system. 
For example, if you had a large 400 m² solid concrete or block paving patio thick with weeds growing through the gaps you would be a lot quicker going straight in with a pressure washing service blasting away with no risk of damage being caused to the surface saving time and delivering great results but if the surface of the patio was made from natural stone that option would be out of the question and carrying out a Therma-Tech patio steam cleaning service would be the only answer ; it might take longer but at Feel the pressure Uk safety is always our first priority and spotless finishes are guaranteed.

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