Therma-Tech superheated patio and stone cleaning in Ascot Berkshire

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Professional patio cleaning is by far the most popular cleaning service for our team at Feel the pressure UK during the warm spring / summer months, from the beginning of April right up to mid-august our team receive dozens of inquiries on a daily basis for all types of professional patio cleaning services including high-pressure jet washing, patio steam cleaning and patio black spot removal from both new and existing customers. Providing our services over a wide area including London, Surrey, Kent, Middlesex, Berkshire and Sussex our team clean and restore all different types of patio surfaces on all different types of properties of all different shapes and sizes, big, small, round, square you name it we’ve cleaned it and this is why our team at Feel the pressure UK are one of the leading patio cleaning services in the south-east, with many years experience we guarantee spotless finishes for all surface types without fail!

The stone and patio cleaning service in Ascot, Berkshire that we are showing today in this blog-post was booked in by our team at the beginning of September which is more or less the very end of our very busy patio cleaning season, the reason for the late booking for such a large scale clean was that the owners had only recently bought the property and explained to us that the patio had not been professionally cleaned in as long as 15/20 years and wanted it cleaned and restored as they was doing a full restoration on the house externally and internally before moving in, jobs like this are always extra satisfying for our team just knowing that the owners have never once seen the true beauty and colour of the patio that hides beneath the dirt, grime and biological matter normally brings great satisfaction for the property owners once revealed after our professional patio cleaning services are complete.

Patio cleaning in Ascot, Berkshire

The patio surface at the property in Ascot, Berkshire was measuring in at around 350/400m2 not small at all to say the least. Made up of yellow imprinted concrete with a red block paving trim and decretive features the 15/20 year uncleaned patio not surpassingly had a heavy build up of biological matter mainly Lichen (patio black spot) on the surface that we new from experience was going to be quite challenging to remove due to the density of the build up on the quite rough and porous surface.

How to remove patio black spot from concrete slabs

So how do you remove patio black spot from imprinted concrete? With many types of patio black spot remover formulas on our shelves boasting spotless finishes some people think its as strait forward as whacking it on and Bobs your uncle patio cleaning service complete but that couldn’t be father from the truth if not applied correctly by a professional some patio black spot remover formulas can easily damage and discolour surfaces beyond repair! The main active ingredient in patio black spot remover formulas is sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) which is a bleaching agent that helps brake down the Lichens (black spots) on the surface making them some what easier to remove, but when applying a patio black spot remover on certain surfaces including coloured concrete slabs the bleaching agent not only brakes down the black spots on the surface but can also brake-down and bleach out the dye thats added to the slabs in production that gives them their chosen artificial colour and thats why we always recommend professional patio cleaning to be carried out by professionals especially when chemical cleaning is involved. We are not saying patio black spot remover doesn’t work, not at all because its a great tool and something we use quit often when preforming patio cleaning and was used to help clean this yellow concrete patio in Ascot that we are blogging about today but precaution always needs to be taken when applying any type of chemical to any type of patio surface.

When our team at Feel the pressure UK take on any type of professional patio cleaning service chemical is only ever used when necessary and never used in order to cut corners or save time, 95% of the all patio cleaning services we preform are chemical free and we are still able to deliver spotless finishes when it comes to removing black spots from patio surfaces but in some circumstances if chemical is the only option for a 100% spotless finish and a spotless finish is what the customer demands then the correct chemical will be applied to the surface by a professionally trained and experienced member of our team in a professional manner making sure all precaution is undertaken to eliminate any risk of damage being caused to the patios surface or surrounding surfaces.


If your looking for a professional patio cleaning service please visit our main page for a full range of our specialised patio cleaning techniques including high-pressure jet washing, patio steam cleaning and patio black spot removal and for all other services we offer including brick cleaning, stone cleaning, roof cleaning and Doff cleaning

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