Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning London

Thermatech stone cleaning results

Feel the pressure UK, Londons leading brick & stone cleaning specialist offer a wide range of professional Therma-Tech & Doff cleaning services covering London and the south-east. Our team are highly trained, experienced and insured to preform a variety of super heated steam cleaning services including historic & residential brick cleaning, professional stone cleaning and super heated roof cleaning & protection guaranteeing spotless finishes for all types of surface.

Super heated steam cleaning

Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning London
ThermaTech Cleaner is more effective than industrial steam cleaners or pressure cleaners and causes no damage to the surface

The Doff & Therma-Tech systems are professional steam based stone and masonry cleaners, producing a super heated vapour at temperatures reaching up to 150C, able to remove many types of paint, oil and biological mater including fungi, moss and algae effortlessly without the use of high pressure and an extremely low water flow therefore the surface is not saturated and will be dry within minuets, providing the most delicate but yet thorough clean available, minimising any risk of damage to the cleaned surface.

Not only does the Doff & Therma-Tech remove biological growth but the extreme heat also kills off all spores meaning there is no need for chemicals such as biocide for the removal or as a protection from further growth.

Stone & masonry cleaning

The Doff & Therma-Tech Cleaning systems come second to none when it comes to masonry and stone cleaning services, because of the Therma-Tech Doffs ability to reach temperatures of 150c we are able to clean to highest of standards without the use of chemicals and an extremely low amount of pressure, eliminating the risk of damage to the cleaned surface. The Doff & Therma-tech systems alike are idle for the cleaning of soft natural stone patios where the use of high pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the cleaned surface. The Therma-Tech & Doff systems are both highly recommended and approved by stonemasons and stone cleaning companies all over the country.