Professional Stone Cleaning

Feel the pressure UK, experts in all elements of professional stone cleaning and stone restorations deliver only the very best of professional quality finishes at competitive prices. Providing environmental friendly and delicate cleaning techniques our team are highly experienced in removing all types of stains and impurities from all types of stonework being flat or structured, restoring natural colour to the facade without any risk of damage being caused to the stones surface, Providing the safest stone cleaning experience possible while guaranteeing outstanding results.


ThermaTech Cleaner is more effective than industrial steam cleaners or pressure cleaners and causes no damage to the surface

The Therma-Tech & Doff cleaning systems are professional steam based stone and masonry cleaners both producing a superheated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C providing us with the ability to clean stonework to the very highest of standards without the use of high pressure, heating & braking down the toughest of stains and natural organic matter from all types of stonework supplying the most gentle but yet thorough clean available for your stones surface.

Removing organic matter from Portland in the city of London.

Organic matter

Algae, Fungi and Lichen are all types of organic matter and some of the most common to inhabit stonework allover the country and without the necessary cleaning equipment these organic growths can be a nightmare to remove and can even cause permanent damage to stonework. Our superheated cleaning systems not only cleans and removes 100% of all organic growths but also exterminates all biological spores in the cleaning process meaning there is no chemical needed in the removal or as a protection from further infestations.

Natural stone patio cleaning

When it comes to professional patio cleaning services our team at Feel the pressure UK deliver nothing but the best results cleaning and restoring natural stone back to its original state, our Doff & Therma-Tech super heated steam cleaners are able to produce a superheated vapour reaching temperatures of up to 150C, able to remove the most stubborn of stains including paint, oil, and patio black spot effortlessly using only an extremely low amount of pressure, ideal for natural stone patio cleaning where high pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing.

Historic stone cleaning

The Therma-tech & Doff systems are the number one pieces of equipment for cleaning brittle and historic stonework such as churches & listed buildings and are highly recognised all over for their gentle but super effective cleaning techniques.

We clean all stone!





Portland stone

And much more

Fieldstone – York stone


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our stone cleaning serviceTherma-tech and Doff cleaning services or any other service we offer as we are always happy to help.



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Our team at Feel the pressure UK provide a professional and effective stone cleaning service, using environmentally friendly products and kind cleaning techniques we can remove years of pollution and everyday dirt and grime from your stonework bringing back all the natural colours to the facade without damaging the stone.