Professional Stone Cleaning


Feel the pressure have been providing the very best in professional stone cleaning and stone restoration services for over 15 years. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in cleaning all types of stonework including both natural and artificial, historic and new.

We use the most delicate non-abrasive cleaning techniques including Doff steam cleaning professional soft-washing for removing all types of organic matter including algae, moss, lichen and biofilm alongside heavy soiling and everyday dirt and grime.

Feel the pressure UK’s professional stone cleaning service is always guaranteed to deliver spotless finishes, full natural colour restorations and customer satisfaction.

We offer most competitive prices available for residential stone cleaning and provide free stone cleaning quotations and even offer free stone cleaning samples for all customers in all areas. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in professional stone cleaning near you.


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The Therma-Tech & Doff steam cleaning systems provide the very best in professional, nonabrasive stone cleaning and are highly recommended by our team of experienced stone cleaning experts for all types of professional exterior stone cleaning services.

The steam-based stone cleaners can be manually adjusted to meet the correct temperature and pressure level needed to professionally clean stone surfaces of all types. The combination of high heat and low pressure gives us the advantage to professionally clean and remove the toughest of stains and organic matter including Fungi, Algae and Lichen delicately and effortlessly. Doff steam cleaning kills all biological spores in the cleaning process, sterilising the stone and prevent further re-infestations allowing the stone to remain cleaning for longer.

professional steam cleaning operates on extremely low water flow causing no saturation during the stone cleaning process and cleaned surfaces are dry within minutes with amazing results visible instantly.


residential stone cleaning

Feel the pressure UK provide the very best in all types of residential stone cleaning services and have great knowledge and experience in cleaning stone and restoring its back to its original colour.

We use only the most delicate non-abrasive but effective stone cleaning technicians available. Doff stone cleaning is able to effortlessly remove surface dirt and all types of organic matter including algae, fungi and moss without having to apply harsh chemicals, high-pressure or a heavy water flow to the surface.

Doff eco-friendly stone cleaning at 150c kills all biological spores on the cleaned surface retuning the stone back to its original colour while also preventing organic regrowths. Our team at Feel the pressure UK use on the very best in professional stone cleaning/access equipment that allows us to reach and clean any part of your properties stonework safely efficiently.

Historic/Heritage Stone Cleaning

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When it comes to cleaning historic buildings or cleaning buildings under conservation extra care must always be taken and the correct cleaning method must always be used to ensure the best cleaning results possible but 1st to ensure no damage is caused to the delicate historic surface, If the dressed surface is aggressively cleaned it will make way for water/moisture to easily enter the structure that can cause a number of damaging problems, with unwanted moisture intrusion masonry and mortar can easily crack, peel, flake or pop off.

Heritage stone cleaning

Feel the pressure UK is highly experienced in all elements of the historic building cleaning and heritage stone cleaning. Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning Is an eco-friendly non-abrasive stone cleaning method used to remove an array of surface coatings including oil, grease, vermin staining, graffiti, and biological matter.

The combination of high heat and low pressure enables us to effortlessly cut through and remove unwanted matter without the use of chemical or aggressive pressure levels causing no substantial erosion to the cleaned surface during the process. Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning Is used by professional stone cleaning companies all over the country due to its gentle non-abrasive stone cleaning technique and is recommended and approved by conservation cleaning experts for cleaning historic Structures and cleaning buildings under conservation.





Removing organic matter

Algae, Fungi and Lichen are all types of organic matter and some of the most common to inhabit stonework all over the country and without the necessary cleaning equipment these organic growths can be a nightmare to remove and can even cause permanent damage your stonework. Our team at Feel the pressure UK can guarantee a 100% removal for all types of organic growths without applying harsh chemicals, high pressure, or abrasive stone cleaning techniques, our Therma-Tech and Doff stone cleaning service is eco-friendly, delicate and by far the best way to clean stone in the safest way possible.

Natural stone patio cleaning

When it comes to professional patio cleaning services our team at Feel the pressure UK deliver nothing but the best results cleaning and restoring natural stone back to its original state, our Doff & Therma-Tech super heated steam cleaners are able to produce a superheated vapour reaching temperatures of up to 150C, able to remove the most stubborn of stains including paint, oil, and patio black spot effortlessly using only an extremely low amount of pressure, ideal for natural stone patio cleaning where high pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing.

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If your looking for a professional stone cleaning company, a free quotation for stone cleaning services or would just like some general information on how to clean stone, please feel free to contact us anytime as our experienced team are always here to help with all of your needs. Feel the pressure Uk providing the very best in historic, commercial and residential stone cleaning services near you.