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Professional Patio Cleaning sevices

patio cleaning services

Feel the pressure UK Offers a wide range of professional patio cleaning services including high-pressure jet washing, patio steam cleaning and patio black spot removal guaranteeing 100% spotless finishes for all types of patio surfaces. With top of the range, mobile and van-packed cleaning equipment and onboard water supply, no surface is ever out of reach for our team.

Doff & Therma-Tech steam cleaning services

Doff steam cleaning system

Our Therma-Tech & Doff superheated cleaning systems are professional pieces of equipment producing a superheated water vapour at temperatures of up to 150ᵒC, giving us the advantage to clean multiple surfaces types to the highest of standards without the use of high pressure or chemical, supplying a delicate but yet thorough cleaning solotion.

Masonry paint removal service

paint removal from brick

Our team can delicately remove all types of exterior masonry paint from all types of exterior surfaces using the most gentle but effective methods available. We offer free test samples to demonstrate the magnificent results we can achieve for your individual surface.

Roof Cleaning service

Roof cleaning services, Feel the pressure UK

We offer a professional Roof cleaning and protection service that not only makes your property look great but also protects your roof from any damage that might occur in the future. Our Doff & Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaning systems supply the most gentle but yet thorough clean available idle for roof cleaning services and the cleaning of other such delicate surfaces that may incur damage from high pressure jet washing.

Stone Cleaning service

stone cleaning services, Cobham, Surrey

Feel The Pressure UK offer a professional and super effective stone cleaning service like no other. With over 8 years in the cleaning industry our team no all there is to no about stone cleaning and stone maintenance and a offer wide range of specialist cleaning techniques guaranteeing spotless finishes for all types stonework and stone surfaces flat and structured. 

Brick Cleaning Services

brick cleaning

Professional brick cleaning is the best way to give your property a facelift without breaking the bank. Our team at Feel the pressure UK offer a wide range of professional brick cleaning services including Doff & Therma-Tech super heated steam cleaning and chemically assisted brick cleaning. We also provide restoration services including repointing and brick repairs for both heritage and listed buildings and new builds alike.