Expert patio black spot removal service – Yellow imprinted concrete

Patio steam cleaning, pressure washing & patio black spot removal service, kingswood Surrey

Feel the pressure UK experts in all elements of professional patio cleaning services clean and restore all types of patio surfaces on a daily basis providing the very best in professional pressure washing, patio steam cleaning and patio black spot removal. Our team deliver only the finest of results, guaranteeing spotless finishes while restoring natural colour back to surfaces.

The yellow imprinted concrete patio we cleaned in these pictures was cleaned using two different methods of professional patio cleaning, the first was by pressure washing the patio in order to lift all surface dirt followed by patio steam cleaning to remove the remaining patio black spots still on the surface.

The patio around 70 m² in size was made from yellow imprinted concrete. We decided to use two different cleaning methods simply to save time while still offering the best results possible. 

Patio black spots (Lichens) without the necessary cleaning equipment can be a nightmare to remove for any homeowner or even some professional patio cleaning companies as high-pressure jet washing does not guarantee and in most cases will not remove the dreaded patio black spots no matter how powerful your pressure washing machine may be.

Our Super-heated Steam Cleaner Removes Black Spot Fungi Perfectly!
Our Super-heated Steam Cleaner Removes Black Spot Fungi Perfectly!

Feel the pressure UK are experts in removing patio black spots from all types of patio surfaces including natural stone, concrete and paving we do this in the form of patio steam cleaning
Our Doff & Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaners are professional pieces of cleaning equipment and are our number one pieces of kit for professionally removing patio black spots.
Reaching temperatures of up to 150C the Doff and Therma-Tech systems produce a superheated mist that is so hot it is able to effortlessly break down and remove some of the toughest of stains including paint, oil and patio black spots without the use of high pressure. The Doff & Therma-Tech systems work excellently for delicate natural stone patio cleaning services and is what we always recommend as high-pressure jet washing can easily inflict damage to the surface of the stone or other delicate areas like the pointing.

So if our patio steam cleaning systems are so good at removing patio black spots why in this case would we perform two separate cleaning services?
The answer is, concrete is a very hard surface and can withstand very heavy amounts of high pressure, unlike natural stone patios, concrete rarely has pointing between the slabs so there is no risk of damage being inflicted when undertaking high-pressure jet washing and high-pressure jet washing is a lot quicker at removing service dirt then patio steam cleaning.

We started by pressure washing the surface using one of our Honda high-pressure jet washing systems removing copious amounts of surface dirt before rinsing down to only be left with the black spots that have infested the surface.
Then we moved to phase two, patio steam cleaning and black spot removal.
We attacked each and every concrete slab one by one going over the patio black spots with the 150C heat removing every last one from the surface effortlessly, it took us approximately 4 hours to complete the patio cleaning service, removing all surface dirt and patio black spots whilst restoring full colour back to the concrete slabs.

Another spotless patio cleaning service complete, another satisfied customer and just an ordinary day for our team at Feel the pressure UK, cleaning and restoring patio surfaces with the best possible finish guaranteed

For professional patio cleaning services in your area contact us today and see what our team can do for you. Feel the pressure UK experts in all elements of professional pressure washing & superheated steam cleaning and power washing services.

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