Low Pressure and High Water Flow Roof Cleaning

This is an article about Low Pressure and High Water flow roof cleaning, we would only advise using our current roof clean, which uses superheated water with our Therma-Tech cleaning system which is similar to the Doff cleaner.  The “Doff” cleaner is more effective and uses much less water leaving a lot less mess; however, for people that don’t have access to a doff this may be of interest.
When roof cleaning you need to be as gentle as possible to make sure you cause no damage to the roof itself that’s why our first choice of equipment is always one of our low P.S.I ( Pounds Per Square Inch ) pressure washers with high water flow.

Cleaning Concrete Roof Tiles with Low Pressure Jet Cleaning

Because of the low pressure we use of 160 – P.S.I or below there is no chance of damaging the roof but with a high water flow of 21 LPM ( litres per minute ) we guarantee a thorough clean bringing your roof back to its original colour and removing all moss, algae and lichen and leaving it looking like new.

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