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Feel the pressure UK, professional patio cleaning services offer a professional patio black spot removal service that guarantees a 100% elimination of patio black spots for all patio surface types. Offing the very best in Doff & Therma-Tech patio steam cleaning, our professional patio black spot removal experts are highly experienced and highly renowned for their work. Not only do we guarantee to remove black spots from all patio surface types but we also guarantee to fully restore the natural colour back to the patio during the cleaning process. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so please feel to check out our amazing photo gallery and read some of our 5-star customer reviews.

What are black spots on my patio?

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Patio black spot/Lichen is a type of living fungus that inhabits and grows on patios due to contamination from local vegetation/plants and trees. Once the Lichen/patio black spot has settled on your patio the infestation rapidly spreads.

All stems of grass and leaves have thousands of tiny spores growing on their underside. All it takes is for a leave to land on your patio to start a contamination. You will often find a heavy build-up of black spots on patio edges where patios either come into contact with grass or plants. The more greenery you have around your patio the more likely you are to have a patio black spot infestation.

Even after having your patio cleaned, if the correct cleaning methods are not applied and your patio is not sterilised upon completion the oil-like spores will keep growing and become larger and more prominent over time.

Feel the pressure UK provide a professional patio black spot removal service. Not only do we remove the black spots, but we also fully restore the natural colour to your patio and prevent black spots from coming back.

How to remove black spots on patio?

Removing patio black spots successfully requires specialised cleaning equipment. A successful patio black spot removal service cannot be completed using conventional cold water jet washing alone. To remove patio black spots successfully the spores themselves need to be killed. All types of biological spores including patio black spots are killed when exposed to a temperature of 120° and above. The Doff systems that we use for patio cleaning are manually adjusted to reach any temperature of up to 150°. This is what gives us a clear advantage over others that use conventional cold water jet washers for patio cleaning.

When cleaning patios at 150° all biological spores on the surface are instantly killed. Depending how prominent the black spots are will determine if the spots will instantly fade. When biological growths cause discolouration to stone, it doesn’t always mean the discolouration will disappear once the growth is killed. When patio black spots are young and not so prominent Doff cleaning alone can kill the spores and the natural colour will return to the stone instantly. When black spots are old and prominent it may take up to a week

Doff & Therma-Tech super heated patio cleaning & black spot removal

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Our Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning systems produce a superheated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C which heating, breaking down and removing black spot from patio surfaces effortlessly without the use of chemical or high pressure providing a gentle but yet through cleaning experience, not only does the Doff & Therma-Tech steam cleaners remove patio black spots from your patios surface but the 150C heat also kills off all spores without the use of chemical stoping the growth and regeneration of black spots coming back in the future guaranteeing spotless finishes for ever type of patio surface.