Decking and Woodwork Cleaning & Restorations

Decking and Woodwork Cleaning & Restorations

Decking is often an element for many gardens and outside areas, nonetheless, it requires attentive preservation to maintain it looking it’s very best also to protect against the elements. Eventually, impurities could develop upon wooden decking which makes it appear dull and filthy.  It is additionally imperative that you maintain the decking as it may end up slippery when left neglected which might result in injuries

At Feel the pressure UK we can clean and restore your decking to make it look as good as new with any type of finish you require whether it be painted, stained, glossed or waxed we can meet all your needs. We will apply delicate cleaning techniques to get rid of any types of impurities and dirt without damaging the wood then give it the perfect finish you desire.

Phase 1 – The Clean

we apply soft, wood friendly cleaning techniques using only water to remove any impurities making sure that no damage is caused to the decking during the clean.Once completed we check the decking for any perverse damage that may include broken, lose or chipped planks which can all be repaired if necessary once satisfied we move on to phase two- The finish.

Phase 2 – The Finish

When it comes to picking the right type of finish for your decking there are many types to choose from our team at feel the pressure UK will go over all types of finishes with our clientele to make sure that you are 100% satisfied and get exactly what you’re looking for.We will apply the exact amount of coats necessary whether it be one, two or more to leave you with the perfect finish that you desire.

Pressure Cleaning Wooden Decking on London Rooftop

Pressure Cleaning and restoration to wooden decking on a rooftop in Soho, London by

As you can see we get the decking looking as good as new. Feel free to get in contact w…

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