Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning Services

Feel the pressure UK the professional Driveway and Patio cleaning experts offer a variety of specialised cleaning services guaranteeing 100% spotless finishes for all types of patio & driveway surface. Our team are professionally trained, highly experienced and insured to preform services including professional pressure washing, patio & driveway black spot removal and Doff & Therma-Tech super heated steam cleaning ensuring thoroughly and safely. Feel the pressure UK don’t just clean patios & driveways we make them look amazing. 

High pressure jet washing / Pressure cleaning

Feel the pressure UK before and after patio pressure washing service

Feel the pressure UK knows all there is to know about cleaning and restoring all types of patio back to their original state and what equipment is best for the cleaning process depending on surface type, providing a professional, thorough and safe cleaning experience. Our high pressure jet washing systems deliver a powerful blast backed up by a heavy water flow used to clean the harder of patio surfaces including block paving and concrete. We are able to remove copious amounts of surface dirt while blasting away any unwanted weeds in the process guaranteeing spotless finishes.

Therma-Tech Super Heated Patio Cleaning

ThermaTech Cleaner is more effective than industrial steam cleaners or pressure cleaners and causes no damage to the surface
feel the pressure uk patio black spot removal service

Our Therma-Tech & Doff cleaning systems are specialist pieces of cleaning equipment, able to produce a super heated vapour at temperatures reaching up to 150C, the Therma-Tech & Doff systems can therefore clean to the very highest of standards without the use of high pressure and are ideal for the cleaning of sort natural stone patios where high pressure jet washing may inflict damage to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing.

Indian sand stone Therma-tech steam cleaning

Driveway and Patio Black Spot Removal Services

Our Super-heated Steam Cleaner Removes Black Spot Fungi Perfectly!

Commonly known as patio blackspot (Lichen) is a type of living funguses that infest many types of patio & driveway surfaces due to contamination from local vegetation. Starting life as tiny dust-like spores the oil like spots once infected can grow at rapid speed and without the use of necessary cleaning equipment, the spots can become a nightmare and near to impossible to remove for any home owner and even some professionals.

Feel the pressure UK provide a professional Driveway and Patio blackspot removal service that not only kills and removes black spots from your site, but also kills all spores in the cleaning process preventing them from reappearing on your surface. Our Doff & Therma-tech super-heated cleaning systems, produces a super heated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C, which breaks down, kills and removes the likes of lichen, oil, chewing gum, paint and many more hard to remove stains effortlessly, guaranteeing spotless finishes for all types of driveway & patio surfaces.


We offer a free quotation no obligation call out service for all areas. Simply contact us we will arrange a time and date suitable for you to have one of our team visit your property to go over all the best and possible cleaning options for your surface/surfaces absolutely free of charge. Or if you prefer to send us some pictures please do via Email @ [email protected] or messenger on 07708323272 and we will get strait back to you within minutes.


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If you have any questions regarding our Patio & Driveway cleaning services, or any other service that we provide including professional stone cleaning, roof cleaning or brick cleaning services, please contact us anytime as we are always happy to assist.

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