Brick Cleaning & Repointing Services

Feel the pressure UK provide a professional brick cleaning & restoration service that can make your properties walls look just like new. Professional brick cleaning is the best way to give your property a face-lift without breaking the bank and along with our repointing services Our team at Feel the pressure UK can clean and restore any type of brickwork back to its original state no mater how far gone.

Therma-Tech & Doff Super heated brick cleaning

Brickwork is a part of the British architectural landscape, however, caring for bricks can be costly. Our team at feel the pressure uk offer professional brick cleaning and restoration services, and with our Therma-Tech & Doff Cleaning systems we are even better equipped when restoring brickwork back to its original colour. The Therma-Tech & Doff super heated cleaning systems alike can reach temperatures of up to 150c which are able to clean and restore all types of brickwork without the use of chemical or high pressure minimising the risk of damage to your brickworks, pointing and other delicate areas reassuring the most thorough and safest clean available.

Carbon Removal – Cleaning Yellow Stock Bricks in London

Brick Repointing Services

Brick-pointing is by far one of the most important procedures of exterior maintenance. Brick-pointing not only can enhance the appearance of your property, but it is also vital that any damaged, decayed or poor quality pointing is soon replaced as it is causing damage to the bricks which can lead to penetrating damp and other serious problems.

Our team at Feel the pressure uk provide professional and skilled brick-pointing and brick-restoration services. The process of brick-pointing consist in professionally removing the old mortar implementing the joints to a depth of 10-20mm and laying it with better quality mortar in the desired style including weatherstruck, flush, recessed, bucket handle and tuck pointing along with a variety of colours. Taking into consideration the buildings age, the mortar used will either be made from lime or more recently cement. Our team specialise in the restorations of listed, historic and period buildings restoring and bringing them back to there original state.

 Exterior paint removal

Paint removal from exterior brickwork can be time consuming and costly to say the least, but with the use of our Therma-Tech & Doff super heated cleaning systems we are able to cut the amount of time drastically therefore minimising the costs of what can be an expensive service. With the ability of reaching temperatures of up to 150C the Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning systems are your perfect solution for removing all types of paint from exterior brickwork, stone and concrete. By softening the paint using nothing but the heat we are able to separate and remove it in the most delicate way possible eliminating the risk of damage to surface and guaranteeing spotless finishes.

We can clean & restore 

all the following types of brick 

*Yellow (London Stocks)

*Red (Swanages)

*Grey (Gaunts)

*Cream (Suffolks)

*Common brunt clay bricks.

*Sand-lime bricks.

*Engineering bricks.

*Concrete bricks.

*Fly & Clay bricks

*And much more.

 Brick Cleaning
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Professional jet cleaning is the best way to give your property a facelift without breaking the bank. Our team at Feel the pressure UK can clean and restore any type of brickwork no matter how bad, whether it be everyday dirt and grime or many years worth air pollution rest assure we have solutions for all.