Professional roof cleaning & protection services

Is your roof covered in algae, lichen or moss? These are common problems for all property owners and if not treated you could be running the risk of a future roof replacement. Feel the pressure UK provide a professional roof cleaning service that not only cleans your roof and makes it look amazing but our Therma-Tech & Doff super heated cleaning systems also kills 100% biological growth spores from your roofs surface during the process without the use of chemical stoping the likes of algae, moss and lichen coming back in the near future. 

Therma-Tech & Doff superheated roof cleaning

Feel the pressure UK roof cleaning services

Our Therma-tech & Doff superheated cleaning systems are specialised pieces of cleaning equipment able to produce a super heated vapour at temperatures of up to 150C therefore allowing us to clean the most delicate of surfaces to the highest of standards without the use of high pressure or chemicals, providing the most thorough yet safest clean available for your roofs surface. The 150C vapour produced by the Therma-Tech & Doff cleaning systems is able to remove the likes of Lichen, Moss, Algae and other impurities from your roofs surface restoring all natural colour back to the roofs tiles, at the same time killing all biological growth spores, meaning no chemical is needed in the cleaning process or as a protection, guaranteeing 100% spotless finishes while eliminating any risk of any damage to the cleaned area that may be inflicted under high pressure jet washing.

Therma-Tech super heated roof cleaning filmed and executed by our team in central London


Makes older roofs look like new

Protects and extends the life of your roof

Helps prevent water penetration and frost damage

Adding value to your property

Inhibits growth of algae, lichen and moss

We clean all types of roofs & roof tiles







Solar panel


Copper – and much more

Our team provide an excellent roof cleaning service ensuring your cleaning experience be safe, professional and cost-effective.

The Therma-Tech & Doff super heated cleaning systems, the number one pieces of equipment for roof-cleaning services all over the country.


Our ThermaTech & Doff Super-heated Steam Cleaners  are a great addition to our equipment not only great for Roof Cleaning services but also Brick cleaningStone cleaning and Graffiti Removal where limiting the damage may be a priority. Feel the pressure UK providing the very best in professional jet washing services near you!

Pressure Washing Services - Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
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Professional roof cleaning and protection service at a great price. Not only cleans your roof and brings it back to its original state, we also treat your roof with bio-degradable, non toxic and environmentally friendly solutions that stop the likes of lichen, moss and algae coming back.