Victorian red brick paint removal Hampstead London NW3

victorian red brick paint removal service Hampstead London NW3

We removed the paint from this victorian brickwork using the Therma-tech super heated cleaning system with out the use of any chemical or paint striper in less then 30 minuets. For a full list of our …

Victorian redbrick Therma-tech paint removal service Hampstead London NW3

Removing paint can be a nightmare especially when removing it from a brickwork surface. You can spend hours and hours scraping and applying different types of paint strippers and still not get the results you’re looking for.  With the use of our Therma-Tech superheated cleaning system, we can heat and break down all different types of paints, removing them from all different kinds of surfaces including stone, brick concrete in a short matter of time cutting costs and leaving with bright finishes.

The Therma-Tech cleaning system is not like any of the conventional pressure washing systems on the market, it is a specialised piece of equipment that can heat water to temperatures of up to 150C, and ready to melt and break down all types of paint in seconds. Thereby being able to remove paint from many hard surfaces without the use of chemical or paint strippers, giving the most thorough and clean paint removal service available.

We removed the paint from this Victorian red brickwork on a house in Hampstead London NW3 in less than 30 minutes from start to finish as a test sample for the client. The owner was very concerned about the damage being caused to the bricks as the property was over 140 years old and is a listed building. We explained and demonstrated how the Therma-Tech would clean and remove paint using a little amount of pressure as shown in our video.

Upon seeing the results of the Therma-techs work the owner was amazed, and we were booked in for a 42 m² Victorian paint removal service, job well done.

If you have any questions regarding our Paint removal service, Therma-tech cleaning systems or our Brick cleaning services, please contact us any time as we are always happy to assist.

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