Indian Sandstone Patio Cleaning Services

Feel the pressure UK, experts in all elements of professional brick and natural stone cleaning provide a specialist Indian sandstone patio cleaning service across London, Surrey and the southeast. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in how to clean Indian sandstone patios and how to restore the stone back to its original colour without the use high pressure, providing professional patio steam cleaning we offer a gentle but thorough patio cleaning service that guarantees spotless finishes and amazing result. Feel the pressure Uk don’t just know how to clean Indian sandstone patios, we know how to clean them to perfection and will let our stunning before and after photos speak for them selves.


Indian Sandstone Patio Cleaning Services

Our Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning systems provide a delicate and safe cleaning solution for the professional cleaning of natural Indian sandstone patios, producing a super heated vapour at temperatures of up to 150° we are able to clean to the highest of standards, restoring all natural colour to the stone while removing the toughest of stains including oil, paint and patio black spot effortlessly without the use of high pressure, minimising the risk of any of damage being caused to the stones surface or other delicate areas such as the patios pointing providing the most thorough and safest cleaning experience available.

The Doff & Therma-Tech cleaning systems not only provides an excellent Indian sandstone patio cleaning service that removes all types of organic matter from your stonework but the 150° heat also kills 100% of the bacterial spores on the surface meaning there is no need for chemicals like biocide in the removal or as a protection from further growths.


Sandstone Patio steam cleaning Highgate London N6

All patio types professionally cleaned

Our team provide dozens of professional patio cleaning services on a monthly basis, cleaning and restoring many different surface types including all types of natural & artificial stone, block paving, crazy paving and more, using a selection of specialist cleaning techniques making sure the most effective and safest process is carried out every time.

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