How to remove algae from render & painted surfaces

Feel the pressure is a well established professional exterior cleaning company. We specialise in eco-friendly Doff steam cleaning, high-pressure jet washing and exterior soft washing services.

We cover all areas in the southeast of England. Our team provide a wide range of professional cleaning services including professional roof cleaning, stone cleaning, brick cleaning and patio cleaning. We know everything there is to know about removing all types of biological matter including algae, fungi and lichen alongside all other types of surface staining from all types of exterior surfaces.

How to remove algae from render and painted surfaces?

Render cleaning, removing algae from painted render using Doff steam cleaning in Richmond London

Green algae on painted render and other exterior surfaces including brickwork and stone is a common sight all over the country. Usually caused by moisture being trapped in the surface behind the paint. With the majority of exterior surfaces being painted in white in order to reflect the heat and keep the surface cool, Green algae can easily become highly visible and quite unsightly.

Removing algae from exterior paintwork can be done in many different ways. Sometimes a simple light mixture of bleach and water can remove light buildups of algae and is a method that is adopted by most homeowners when attempting to remove small amounts of algae themselves. Be warned, all though bleach can remove algae from painted surfaces if not carried out professionally it can also break down and damage the paint itself leaving streaks and patchy areas and in some cases removing the paint completely.

Sodium hypochlorite / bleach is a corrosive substance so if this is something that you are going to try at home please be sure to do a small test patch first. If you need more information on removing algae using sodium hypochlorite please contact our team anytime as we are always happy to help by giving you professional advice.



High-pressure jet washing is another alternative cleaning method that is sometimes used by people for algae removal services or removing algae from exterior painted surfaces but this is not something that we recommend here at Feel The Pressure UK.

If removing algae from paint or render is something that you have your mind set on doing yourself at home as a lot of the home owners now own conventional pressure washing systems, please take into consideration these notes first. If too much high pressure is applied to a painted surface the paint can easily be damaged or removed, also the surface beneath the paintwork can easily be damaged also.

High-pressure jet washing is never recommended by Feel The Pressure UK for cleaning any types of stonework, brickwork, roof of render surfaces as high-pressure jet washing can easily inflict damage including scarring to brick, render and stonework.

Roof tiles can also easily be broken or lifted under high-pressure jet washing and pointing on brickwork and stonework can easily be knocked out of place.High-pressure jet washing is only ever used by our team when cleaning surfaces including block paving and concrete that can withstand a much higher force of pressure.

Even when cleaning surfaces using high-pressure we still take extra precautions using a hard surface rotary cleaners that divides the pressure level by projecting the water though multiple nozzles rather the just one and continuously rotating meaning no higher pressure is ever applied to the surface at any one given time but let’s get back to the subject at hand, how to remove algae from exterior paint, our recommend cleaning method “Therma-Tech/Doff steam cleaning

Doff steam cleaning for removing algae

 Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning is by far the best way to effectively remove algae form any type of painted exterior surface furthermore Therma-Tech/Doff steam cleaning is the best way to remove any type of biological matter from any type of exterior surface and is highly recommend and used by our team of professional exterior jet washing experts and many other experienced exterior cleaning companies all over the country for a wide range of exterior cleaning services including professional brick cleaning, stone cleaning, render cleaning and roof cleaning due to the delicate yet super effective techniques. 

The Therma-Tech and Doff steam cleaning systems uses a combination of superheated steam and low pressure for delicately cleaning exterior surfaces to the very highest of standards without the use of high- pressure or chemicals having to be applied.

superheated steam cleaning systems is highly effective for removing organic matter of all types including Algae among all others because of the heat that is passed over the organic growths during the cleaning process. Let us brake it down for you.

Algae, fungi and moss are all types of natural living organic matter and are killed when exposed to temperatures of 120c and above. The Therma-Tech and Doff superheated cleaning systems that we use at Feel the pressure UK are two pieces of exterior cleaning equipment that can reach temperatures of up to 150c.

Steam cleaning allows us to gently go over a surface and kill biological matter without high-pressure needing to be applied. all we have to do is pass over algae at 120c and all biological spores killed meaning there is no need for any types of chemical like biocide to be used in the removal. Steam cleaned surfaces are left 100% sterilised upon completion, preventing the return of organic growth and allowing surfaces to remain cleaner for longer.

As there is no high-pressure used when undertaking Therma-Tech or Doff steam cleaning it eliminates any risk of damage that can be caused by high-pressure jet washing systems making it the safest exterior cleaning method for all exterior cleaning services including roof cleaning, stone cleaning, brick cleaning, render cleaning and removing algae from painted exterior surfaces. Feel the pressure UK providing the very best in professional jet washing near you.





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