Van packed pressure washing set up

Feel the pressure UK is a professional exterior cleaning service providing the very best in eco-friendly high-pressure jet washing alongside Therma-Tech and DOFF superheated steam cleaning covering the south-east of England. For a full rang of our professional exterior jet washing options including professional roof cleaning, patio cleaning, brick cleaning, render cleaning and stone cleaning visit our home page or contact our team directly. Feel the pressure UK, providing the very best in professional jet washing services near you.



Pressure washing van set-up

When starting up a professional pressure washing company/exterior cleaning company or any other type of professional cleaning service you need to be sure you have the correct set up in place to be able to offer your customers the very best service available at the very best price possible, the cleaning services you offer should always be carried out to the very highest of standards with safety and customer satisfaction always the main priority. Our team at Feel pressure UK provide a professional exterior cleaning service specialising in high-pressure jet washing and Doff steam cleaning, all of the services we provide are always carried out professionally and to the very highest of standards with customer satisfaction always delivered, we have all the necessary jet washing equipment onboard our pressure washing van set up at all times allowing our team to take on and professionally complete any job at anytime, always guaranteeing spotless finishes and making sure surrounding areas and surfaces remain clean and tidy throughout the cleaning processes and the cleaning we carry out is always time efficient to suit the customers needs, With the right equipment on board your jet washing van set up you can easily accomplish all these goals.

High-pressure mobile and van mounted jet washers

van mounted pressure washer

All of our pressure washing van setups at Feel the pressure UK are fitted with both van mounted pressure washing systems and mobile high-pressure jet washing systems. Our van mounted jet washers are incredibly powerful pieces of kit that make light work of cleaning hard floor surfaces including concrete, resin and block paving. The high-pressure van mounted pressure washers can run on anything of up to 48 LPM cutting the cleaning time drastically, suited for both the operator and the customer as you can be sure no customer wants you to be on the job any longer then you have to be, as long as the cleaning service is carried out professionally with no corners being cut and the best possible results are achieved the quicker the better it saves you time and saves the customer money and that is surely the aim of the game.

All of our high-pressure van mounted jet washers come equipped with 500 L Water tanks and hydraulic hose wheels with 100 m of both high-pressure hose for cleaning and inlet hose for water feed making it easier and quicker for setting up on each job, we can quite easily park up our pressure washing van in the necessary spot with up to 100m distance between van and surface that is to be cleaned, plug in the hose and away we go, and for the harder to reach places we are always backed up with a mobile high-pressure jet washing system, running at 21 L a minute this is still a very powerful piece of kit that guarantees a spotless finish for all surface types, for our team at Feel the pressure our mobile pressure washers and van mounted pressure washers are both essential pieces of kit onboard our pressure washing van setup.

Hard surface trolley cleaner for high-pressure jet washing systems

Pressure washing hard surface cleaner

All of the high-pressure jet washing systems being mobile or van mounted are all compatible with our onboard hard surface cleaning trolleys providing professional pressure washing / hard surface floor cleaning with no splash-back, keeping surrounding surfaces clean and tidy at all times.
Our onboard hard surface cleaners are 22 inches wide and help to maximize the size of the surface area being cleaned at any one time so you get the most efficient use out of your pressure washer coving larger areas and drastically cutting time and the cost for your customers. The large 22 inch hard surface cleaners are Easily controlled and pushed along  the surface on wheels like a trolley with 3 rotating pressure washing nozzles under the main plate any surface it passes over is thoroughly cleaned instantly, the main plate also acts like a shield holding down the unwanted splashback that you would come across when using a conventional Pressure washing Lance.
Hard surface trolley cleaners cover larger areas, cutting down time and unwanted mess caused by splashback and are definitely needed as part of a professional pressure washing set-up and should always be on board at all times.

Therma-Techs mobile superheated steam cleaning systems

Therma-tech superheated steam cleaning

The Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaning system is an advanced piece of exterior cleaning equipment and is always loaded on to our van before we head out each and every morning. Unlike our van mounted Pressure washing systems the Therma-tech offers a much more delicate cleaning solution for cleaning surfaces that cant withstand high-pressure, with temperatures maxing 150C the Therma-Tech superheated steam cleaner is by far the most thorough and effective and is used for professional cleaning services including roof cleaning, stone cleaning, brick cleaning and exterior paint removal, the system itself comes in two small units the pump and the boiler and is easy to navigate on its purposely built 4 wheeled frame, operating on an extremely low water flow the Therma-tech system can be attracted to any type of water tap and run on full power, this is the ultimate exterior cleaning machine and is used for more than 85% of all of our professional cleaning services. for a full breakdown of our superheated cleaning systems, how they work and what services they are used for, visit our main page Therma-Tech and Doff superheated steam cleaning services.

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