Victorian brick cleaning Hampstead London NW3

In 2018 our team at Feel the pressure UK have had the privilege of cleaning and restoring some amazing properties in the heart of London and surrounding counties. In August 2018 we was performing a roof cleaning service in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, when approached on site regarding our Therma-tech cleaning system that we were using to carry out the service.

Therma-Tech cleaning early morning

The potential customer was asking questions in regards to our machinery and if it could be used to clean Victorian brickwork and heritage buildings. We explained how the Therma-tech system was initially designed for the cleaning of listed and heritage buildings due to the cleaning techniques of being able to heat water to Temperatures of  up to 150c and clean to the highest standards without the use of chemicals or high pressure. We gave the potential customer a full breakdown of how the machinery worked and handed over one of our business cards.
Two weeks later we received a phone call from the same man asking if we would be interested in cleaning a Victorian property in Hampstead London NW3 which we answered yes and booked it in for a viewing the next day. 
The property in Hampstead London NW3 was an amazing Victorian property made mainly of red brickwork, old Victorian tiles and had some lovely Mansfield stone window seals all original features. Built in 1888 and setback in a private circular garden the property was definitely a work of art.

The property owner explained how he wanted the building restored back to its original state and wanted services including brick cleaning, stone cleaning, brick repointing and roof cleaning.
We explained that these were all services that we carried out and explained how we would undertake the services giving that the owner was happy and booked us in for a full restoration. The first job was cleaning 270 m² of Victorian brickwork and tiles using the Therma-tech cleaning system. The old brick pointing had already been cut out prior to us cleaning the brickwork ,so as you can imagine there was a lot of dust involved. We started the cleaning process from the top working our way down. Cleaning with the Therma-techs heat on full and the pressure no higher than 70 bar, eliminating the risk of damage to any of the brickwork . We also removed large areas of paint from the brickwork that you can see in our blog “Victorian red brick paint removal service Hampstead London NW3” it took four days to clean all 270 m² of brick and tiles,removing decades worth of dirt and air pollution “Carbon sulphate” from the surface and deep within. After all the cleaning was complete what a difference it made!

The Therma-tech truly lived up to its name bringing the stunning Victorian property’s brickwork  back to its former glory.

Victorian brick cleaning Hampstead London NW3
Super heated brick cleaning services Hampstead London NW3

If you have any questions regarding our brick cleaning services, Therma-tech cleaning services or any other service we offer please contact us free by phone on 08002941338 or email as we are always happy to assist.

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